Domestic Locomotives and Wagons Added to Iran Railways

Domestic locomotives and wagons added to Iran's railways
Domestic locomotives and wagons added to Iran's railways

213 wagons and locomotives produced in Iran were put into service with a ceremony. Saied Rasouli, the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RAI), said the number of domestic locomotives and wagons increased by 58%, according to an agreement signed last year. The Planning Organization (BPO) will add 2021 locomotives to the country's rail fleet by the end of the next Iranian calendar year (March 974).

According to the official, a total of 476 locomotives and wagons worth $ 1791 million are planned to be added to the railway fleet. In mid-March, 37 passenger cars, 30 locomotives and 217 freight cars will be added

He added that the country's average age of passengers and freight wagons is now 24 years old, and that the number of new wagons joins the fleet will be significantly reduced.

In addition, approximately 1000 million USD will be allocated for the renovation of 476.2 passenger and freight wagons and locomotives.

According to Saeed Mohammadzadeh, former head of RAI, the development of Iranian railways requires more than 32.000 wagons and locomotives over the next four years when the rail infrastructure in the country was developed.

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