İmamoğlu New Channel for Channel Istanbul 'Istanbul, Since 1453't entrusted to us. We will not betray custody '

imamoglundan channel for Istanbul since the new output from Istanbul entrusted to us since the trust will not betray
imamoglundan channel for Istanbul since the new output from Istanbul entrusted to us since the trust will not betray

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu made the first of the year 2020 and 17th of his visit to the district municipalities to Büyükçekmece Municipality. Mayor Hasan Akgun Imamoglu, who gave a detailed presentation about the problems of the district, met with citizens living in the village café in Celaliye. Emamoğlu emphasized that the focus of the new generation of municipalism is “common mind ında and answered the questions of journalists in the village. Imamoglu said, bir It is a troubled job for all its reasons. If they say: 'We have found a land in the desert. There are 50 channels in the world, 51'inci will do. ' Let them do it. But this is not the desert. This is Istanbul. The pupil of the world. Since 1453, Fatih Sultan Mehmet has conquered this city and entrusted us with it. We do not want to betray custody. ”

Ekrem Imamoglu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), started the first working day of 2020 by conducting investigations at Ambarlı Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant. Prior to the field trip, İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu received a presentation about the facilities from İmamoğlu. Beylikdüzü Mayor Mehmet Murat Çalık, Avcılar Mayor Turan Hançerli and İBB senior management accompanied him. Following the presentation, İmamoğlu made inspections at the facility, which was put into service in 2012 and treated the wastewater of approximately 400.000 million 3 thousand people in Arnavutköy, Avcılar, Başakşehir, Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt districts with a daily treatment capacity of 1 m600. Stating that the green area around the facility is insufficient, Imamoğlu asked for the realization of new tree plantings.


İmamoğlu, Ambarlı Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant Büyükçekmece Municipality after the examination passed. Imamoglu, who realized 17th of his common table visits to the district municipalities, was met by Mayor Hasan Akgun. Evaluating his visit to the office of Akgun Imamoglu, "I hope 2020 will be a year we will both work hard and get a reward for our work," he said. Stating that Istanbul has very important issues, Imamoglu said, her We know that every contact with these issues will benefit our country very much. The way to do this is through common intelligence and experience. The most valuable stakeholders of this common mind are the 39 mayors of this city. We care about producing a business with a culture of working together without separating each other and we have taken serious steps in this regard. We visited the districts and received briefings. We have also set up working tables in the region. They are starting their meetings this month. The days are planned. Therefore, we will be in constant communication. It's his party, that's it, there's no such thing. Everyone selected for Istanbul has a place on our heads. ”

IMAMOGLU: OR We want to spread this justice to every point of the city ”

Emamoğlu emphasized that they will insist on producing a business together and said, bugün We continue our district meetings with Büyükçekmece today. Both Istanbul Hasan, one of the president of Turkey Akgun We're both experienced visit our Başkan'ı. Today, we will talk to them for a long time. Although it has established good dialogue with the Metropolitan Municipality for many years, I know the remaining parts of the city as a neighboring district. We intend both to make up for this and to talk and plan quickly what we can do for the coming years. In other words, in the last reports I received, Büyükçekmece, for example, was almost never present in the project execution of the Metropolitan Municipality. This is not a good thing. We want to spread this justice throughout the city. We're here for him. We will benefit from the experience and we will talk about Büyükçekmece for a long time. I


Akgün thanked İmamoğlu and his team for their visit and said, ık We have left behind a difficult 2019. We left behind a 2019 lesson to be taken and lessons taken in the history of Turkish democracy. Istanbul's greatest chance is that it has a very dynamic, people-loving, intellectual metropolitan mayor. We believe that Ekrem İmamoğlu will do very important works in Istanbul. God let him open the way. We will continue to be with you, behind us, to the end, whatever our strengths and possibilities. Today we will talk about Büyükçekmece, not İstanbul. No matter how severe the economic conditions, we are committed to determination and determination to find ways to solve the urgent problems of the citizens together. ” After the speeches, Büyükçekmece's problems were discussed in the hall where the presentation will be made. Imamoglu and IMM senior management were present at the presentation. Mayor Akgün and the district municipal executives made a presentation to the IMM delegation. After the presentation, Imamoglu and Akgun, Celaliye Square Republican Kıraathanesi'den met with citizens living in zoning problems. Kemal Soyat, the Mayor of Celaliye Neighborhood, accompanied both presidents at this meeting.


Imamoglu stated that they had reserved the first working day of 2020 to the Municipality of Buyukcekmece and said: “Our President told us all the problems and requests of Buyukcekmece, all the things that could not be done by the Metropolitan Municipality for years. Celaliye has a special point for us. Kumburgaz Kamiloba, Türkoba, Tepecik… We talked about them all. The plan problem really hurts people really. Our president said that this problem has been exhausting people for years. We have also instructed our friends and they will bend over very quickly. Our beach is really beautiful. We want to pay special attention to the beach. Don't worry about this. He talked about the graveyard problem of the people who lived here. We will also focus on that issue hassas.


Ik We have started a new process together in Istanbul, İm said İmamoğlu. Bile We have hundreds of fellow countrymen who can even guide with their wits. That's such a blessing. Now it's smart business to take advantage of this blessing. We have to take advantage of this blessing. Otherwise it's not true. I mean, just think of a man here. 'I know everything,' he says. Which one of you is happy. He doesn't appreciate any of you. While creating solutions to your problems, there is no solution by using your experience on the problems you have every day. 'He is, this is so…' my judgment is cut. This is not true. It won't. No peace. It's a good thing to do wrong. Therefore, the idea of ​​the people living here is the most valuable idea for us. These are the rings of local democracy. So I have to give my headman a lot of value. In fact, I have to value my citizen through him. With this solidarity, where is the party? Party is over. This election is over. Now the service period. If a decision about Istanbul is to be taken, I am the mayor who has followed with confidence what people think about that issue and came to office with your vote with confidence. ”


Imamoglu stated that it is imperative to get the opinion of citizens on any subject and stressed that this is not a blessing but an obligation. İmamoğlu continued his words as follows:

Bu That is the truth. The other is wrong. Believe him, Mr. President and Mr. Minister, my advice to everyone is this: Is there something about Istanbul? Call. Look, we know the hierarchy. We'il go running. We try to solve that problem, that problem. Look, I'il give you an example. During the election period, Mr. President said: 'I have solved the problems of Istanbul until 2040'. OK. 'God bless' we said. How happy. But we came, not like that. We saw that Melen stopped and doesn't walk. Big dam. What did we do? We uncovered it. We wrote the article to the State Hydraulic Works. We said, 'Do this.' DSI, demanded allowance. We also declared that no allowance was given. What did he do at the end of the day, Mr. President? Asked account, 'Why this is not over' he said. If we had not taken this problem from here and carried it up, if democracy had not worked, it would have stood there for months and would not have walked. Because he wasn't paid. One year, at least another year. Who will be the loser? Istanbul will be. Does this have a party? No. The problem starts when the party gets ahead of everything. Citizens will pass in front of everything. Ekrem İmamoğlu, mayor today, not tomorrow. Another is in another position. There's someone else in his place tomorrow. When you think like this and put the citizen forward, the solution is very easy. That's why we're here. This is how we address every problem in Istanbul. In the district, in the neighborhood, on the street we deal with every problem like this. Every decision about the future of Istanbul, especially big decisions, cannot be decided without the will of the citizen. That's clear. Let's settle this together. Let's sit at the same table, we don't need anything else. I say again; Let us discuss this issue, including the President of the Republic, whichever unit, which institution, which minister is present at the upper level of the state. Al information, documents, people who know… We go running. We'il do it for these folks. We have no other problems. I mean, I wasn't the mayor to satisfy my ego. And I wasn't the mayor to make use of it. The only person I will benefit from is the interest of 16 million Istanbulites. Dot!"


Imamoglu, then passed the cameras and answered questions from journalists. The questions asked by Imamoglu and the answers given by the IMM President were as follows:

“Lands sold around Kanal Istanbul are sold as agricultural land, but a new city is mentioned in the EIA report. It is also mentioned in the 1 / 100.000 plan. What do you say about the land sold in the current period? There is also a change in the municipal land registry systems. This system will be included in the web portal of the Ministry of Interior… ”

Once a mistake has begun, successive mistakes go like a domino. That's what's happening right now. I'm sorry. Mr. Minister, "There was no land movement," he said. We have identified up to 30 million square meters. When we explain it, it's a move to ban information sharing. Municipalities have been using them for years and sharing is beneficial. There are also in the district municipalities, there are also in the metropolitan municipality. Many bureaucratic processes work thanks to him. It doesn't sound like a mind. It all started wrong. Millions of square meters of land were purchased. The people who bought these plots bought them because they learned about the change here. 3-4 years in advance, even when returned to movies in Arab countries, Turkey, watched, watched ... It is the plan that has been offset by studies ... These are all sad. But let me give the good news: Hopefully this will be returned from the wrong. I hope that in these places where the agricultural land, these buying friends, contribute to the city agriculture. The people of Istanbul expect this from us. The people of Istanbul also want agriculture in these lands. He wants water basins to be protected in the same way. These purchasers, we have a good Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Policy Strengthening Center, can consult there already, “Which region, which product we can grow, danış they can consult. There is 5 floors, 10 floors, 70 floors building. I speak this because the Istanbulites do not want this. That's what I'm telling you, not because scientists tell me that this process is wrong. It's not my voice, it's the voice of 16 million people.


“The referendum is closed by the ruling wing. Environment Minister, '2011, the people already made the choice. Those who asked the referendum had done what they asked by asking the public 'he said and pointed out that there is no need for a referendum. The EIA report underlined the need for a channel for Çanakkale. What do you think about this issue? ”

As I became mayor, we had the pleasure of asking the public and making decisions like that. The people living in Beylikdüzü even told me to build a Park Pati Park için for street animals or pets. We will build squares and ask all Istanbul. We will share a lot of things with the society until we get to the light. Which is important in the name of urbanism, but simple issues. Mr. Minister, this is the future of Istanbul. It's not right for you to talk to her like that, nor for me to say, 'I'm making a decision', or anyone else. It was about the system. He was elected President. True. Mr. President, we are our President. But he was also elected Mayor of Istanbul. In 2019, he was elected IMM President with the biggest vote in the history of Istanbul and I represent their voice. I say on behalf of them; this people are against this project. Listening to this sound is your zo-run-da-si. Rest is a lie. The voice of this people should rest. They have models. Call, let's come. Let's talk. Let's explain why. We have a workshop. I invite Mr. Minister. Here, come, tell; Why are you defending? Show me your visuals. Say, “Look,,“ We ​​will do the following. We defend for him. In We said, “No, they shouldn't. Because they have these damages to Istanbul. We're going to do them instead. We will develop agricultural areas, protect green areas and SIT areas im. Let the people decide. I invite everyone responsible. I hope they come.


As for the subject of Çanakkale. There are a lot of theses about this. The Montreux Treaty has details. Montreux Treaty, a treaty on the straits. It is not just a treaty defining the Bosphorus. The notion of Montreux is also valid for that place. Then how? Distressed work on all grounds. If they say: “We have found a land in the desert. There are 50 channels in the world, we will do the 51st. ”Here they do. But this isn't desert. This is Istanbul. The pupil of the world. Since 1453, Fatih Sultan Mehmet has conquered this city and entrusted us with it. We don't want to betray the trust.

“Mahir Ünal has criticized you, 'he speaks like a president. Istanbul is not Turkey's talking about the problem, 'he. 'The mind behind it,' he said. What would you like to say about it? ”

Behind me, 16 million people have their minds. I'm talking about the topics we're talking about right now. These are all very important issues about Istanbul one by one. But I understand that; unfortunately some friends in the AK Party, "I speak what I come forward," he is in a search. I suppose there's something to say about my name. I am the President of IMM. Have fun watching.

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