Imamoğlu Testing Metrobus Vehicle for the Second Time: 'The Original Solution is Metro'

imamoglu asil cozum metro testing the new metrobus tool for the second time
imamoglu asil cozum metro testing the new metrobus tool for the second time

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, for the second time to include the BRT fleet, examined the new vehicle. TUYAP last stop, Yenamosna'ya İmamoğlu traveling in the test vehicle, answered questions from journalists in the course. Imamoğlu underlined that they will act with common sense in vehicle purchase and decide accordingly,, We solve today, but on the other hand, we think 3 years, 5 years and 10 years later. On this line, we will find solutions by bringing people together with the subway as far as possible. But this line will continue to the extent needed. We are aware that acting with science and not with populism will be in favor of both citizens and Istanbul. ”

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), tested a new generation bus on November 19, 2019 in order to include it in the metrobus fleet. Imamoglu participated in the second test this morning. Beylikdüzü TÜYAP Metrobüs last stop, İmamoğlu boarding the vehicle, IMM Secretary Yavuz Erkut, Deputy Secretary General responsible for transportation Orham Demir, Murat Ongun Advisor, Chairman of the General Directorate of IETT Alper Kolukısa and Otobüs A.Ş. General Manager Ali Evren Özsoy was accompanied. Receiving detailed information from the company officials about the vehicle Imamoglu, found in the bus in motion. Imamoglu, who traveled from TÜYAP to Yenibosna, answered the questions of journalists in a test vehicle. The questions asked by Imamoglu and the answers given by the IMM President were as follows:

imamoglu asil cozum metro testing the new metrobus tool for the second time
imamoglu asil cozum metro testing the new metrobus tool for the second time


Mi Will the tests continue? When will we see metrobuses in the fleet? ”

Bus purchases in such cities are quite high in number, not a few buses. Especially the BRT line is at a very high level in terms of performance; passenger transport level is high in terms of kilometers covered by buses. So we have to find the maximum experience, the minimum wrong. We even have to choose a vehicle that is close to error. We have reasons, when choosing a vehicle. In addition to being cautious and environmentally friendly vehicles that reduce carbon emissions, today's quests include fuel consumption, of course passenger capacity, and in particular, passenger comfort, heating and cooling. We question that. Our technical friends are questioning. I want to experience every vehicle as long as I can. After all, you decide on behalf of 16 million people. Some mistakes have been made in the past. Unfortunately, millions of pounds of vehicles have lodged in the warehouse. These are big mistakes. Not so simple mistakes. You're using the nation's money. You don't buy a car to your own taste. In that respect, we will make the right decision. We're out of time. Truly bus reception has suffered a neglect in the renewal of Istanbul. Currently, our vehicles serve at very high kilometers. We need to get refreshed as soon as possible. We're at their final limits. In the coming days, we have to decide and leave. Because these vehicles do not stop in the warehouse of any factory. They have production and lead time. In the light of all this, we want to make a quick decision. We can't make mistakes. High comfort, minimum cost and cost based on many years, also subject to environmental sensitivity. By adding all these concepts, we will make the right decision.


“How many bus purchases are planned? Will it be taken with equity or with credit? ”

There are different financing models. I mean efficiency. You don't sit and account for these things at the cost of the first day. For example, you make a 10-year account. He's taking care of it. We want to secure ourselves there. There is a way of saving fuel consumption. This lowers your cost. All these are good financing accounts. At the same time, people who have experienced vehicle technology need a common opinion. Here, too, we will act with common sense and decide accordingly.


“Metrobus is a means of transportation that is the subject of discussion. It makes our lives easier and it's a big problem. How will the new vehicles solve the problems in the metrobus? ”

Additional technologies that we are not talking about right now will also be discussed here. We have these in our minds. Why do I say it will not be spoken? It now has some legal bases, controversial issues and so on ... We are aware that the metrobus line is really loaded above its capacity. What is going to alleviate this? It is an underground investment. Here is the priority of Istanbul. What is subway investment? For example, we think that even the metro that will be commissioned between Mecidiyeköy and Mahmuybey this year will significantly relieve the metrobus line. For example, İncirli-Beylikdüzü line. Been on the shelf for years. We want to sit down and talk quickly. In the same way, we have a line from Mahmutbey, which concerns the west of Istanbul, to Esenyurt, and we plan to combine it with the Beylikdüzü subway. It has been tendered, but it has no projects, unfortunately. On the one hand, we work for him. These, too, come into operation, 3-4 years. But when you look at it from the point of view of metrobus, my guess is that the need for metrobus will drop significantly. So let's think of it as a normalized transit line or a special preferred road, it will turn into a line. This is more efficient. We solve today, but we also think about 3 years, 5 years, 10 years later. We will find a solution to this line by bringing people to the subway as much as possible. But this line will continue to the extent necessary. We have to discuss not only today but also 5 years, 10 years and even 20 years. We have to plan the future of Istanbul in this sense so that we do not face surprises and political decisions. Political decisions were made before. The first planning was, for example, Avcılar-Topkapı. 'Let's add this, let's add this.' Productivity was not considered. Perhaps it would not be needed if the time lost there was resolved by another investment. For example, if the İncirli-Beylikdüzü metro line, which has been promised in every election period since 2003, has already been built, this line would not have been considered. I'm saying as an example. All these jobs are a position for the future planning need of the process. This issue has been neglected. Now, we always look at them as today's solution, but tomorrow is a longer term solution.

Miy Can we conclude that the BRT line will be extended? ”

Extended. But why can it be extended? Maybe the easing here can solve such a need there. We listened to the needs in both Silivri and Büyükçekmece. How can we solve it quickly? I said, 'Work an express line' to IETT. Express line to quickly transport people to the metrobus. At some times of the day or months, there is a very low-intensity journey. For example, there is a 5-6 times travel difference between winter and summer. Considering all these, we said 'There may be express lines'. We are aware that acting with science, not populism, will be in favor of both citizens and Istanbul.



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