Halkalı Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train

ring train
ring train

Project name: Halkalı Kapıkule
Project Cost: 489.156.800,00 EURO
Tender Date:
Employer: Ministry of Transport
Contractor: Kolin Sallini Partnership
Duration of work: 1260 days
Planned End: 2023
Stations: Halkalı, Ispartakule, Catalca, Çerkezköy, Big Mixer, Lüleburgaz, Babaeski, Havsa, Edirne, Kapıkule
Line Length: 230 km double line
Line Speed: 200 km / h
Transportation: 95 min
Construction Scope: 5 Station and 2 sayding, 6 Viaduct, 24 Railway Bridge, 2 Tunnel, 7 Open-Close Tunnel

Current and New High Speed ​​Rail Route

Available over Muratlı Halkalı, ÇerkezköyTo be used by line freight trains between Edirne and Kapikule.

With the new high-speed train line, travel time and distance are shortened.

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