Geological Engineers Warns 'Canal Istanbul Causes Floods'

channel istanbul
channel istanbul

Hüseyin Alan, Chairman of the Chamber of Geological Engineers of TMMOB, said that if Kanal Istanbul was built due to the "elevation difference" between the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, all the coasts on the Sea of ​​Marmara will flood and the beaches will disappear altogether.

Speaking to Cumhuriyet Newspaper regarding the Zoning Law, which was accepted by the Parliament Public Works, Reconstruction, Transport and Tourism Commission and planned to come to the General Assembly, Alan underlined that the regulation to be made with this law is “personal arrangements”.

Evaluating the article in the proposal of the law, "Engineers who will undertake the supervision and supervision of the design will be assigned within the framework of the regulation to be issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization", noted:

"Turkey in the year 200 thousand construction permits are given permission to the building. According to today's data, only 19 people based on the authority given by the ministry have received the control and surveillance certificate of the design. It is not possible for 19 people to control 30-40 thousand buildings. The regulation aims to transfer rent to some elite engineers. In the event of the law, the citizen, who made a simple barn in the Erciş district of Van, will not be able to make his barn without paying the price to these engineers. In this monopolized system, engineers' wages are between 60 thousand and 100 thousand. ”

Building Reinforcement Is Not Enough

Stating that the law proposal will be given "strengthening right" to the buildings that escape and be forgiven, Alan said, "Around 17 thousand buildings in 80 provinces, 512 districts and 100 villages across the country are directly on the fault line. No matter how much you strengthen these buildings, it will definitely be destroyed in the first earthquake. The decision to strengthen is a big mistake. ”

In addition to the buildings, Hüseyin Alan ran from the Sakarya River to Sapanca of the Istanbul-Ankara highway; Stating that the high-speed train line goes parallel with the North Anatolian Fault Line between Arifiye and Sakarya, "The highway road on the fault line will collapse in a possible violent shock and this part of the train line will break." He warned that the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Line, which is under construction, will be buried in the sinkholes.



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