Future National Athletes Are Raising in Zigana Ski Center

future national athletes grow in zigana ski resort
future national athletes grow in zigana ski resort

Gümüşhane Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate provides ski training for more than 100 students in Zigana Ski Center with trainers in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Transport, Food, Education is Welcomed

Located in Gumushane Torul district boundaries, Turkey and the Eastern Black Sea, one of the most important ski centers of the region Zigana Silver Ski, Gumushane, Youth and Sports within the given ski training by coaches more than 100 students ski equipment, it also provides the transportation and dining facilities.

Provincial Director of Youth and Sports, Mücahit Atalay, stated that the city has potential for the ski branch and said that the name of Gümüşhane was announced with the national athlete Muzaffer Demirhan.

Director Atalay stated that more than 100 students were provided with ski training and said to our newspaper, “It started with the abundance of half-year holiday. As in all of our facilities, our ski resort was in high demand far beyond what we expected. We will provide ski training for approximately 100 students during the semester break. We take our children with services, bring them to the ski resort. Our trainers give their ski trainings. We also welcome lunch. In the evening, our services leave the children back to their homes. We have very successful ski coaches. We provide ski training to our children under the supervision of our coaches. ”

'We Want to Raise New Victorious'

Atalay said, “Gümüşhane is a province with potential for skiing. The love and curiosity of our people for skiing also pleases us. Gümüşhane announced itself in the ski branch with our national athlete Muzaffer Demirhan. Our wish is to be able to train new Muzaffers. One of the most important features of our trainees that we took this year is that they are younger. Hopefully, we aim to raise elite athletes who will announce our city and represent our country. I hope we will do this in a short time. ”

Pointing out that our children who are not skiing are not professionals among them, Manager Atalay said that their aim is to add new names to the athletes pool.

'We Want to Add New Names to the Sports Pool'

Manager Atalay said, “Our aim is to add new names to the athletes pool. Apart from a few of the 100 students we take here, we have children who are new to skiing and do not know the skiing at all. With the closing of the schools, we brought the students to Zigana Ski Center to provide ski training. During the holiday, we will provide ski training to our children, and then we plan to continue training with the students we will choose, as long as seasonal conditions allow. ”

Youth and Sports Provincial Director Atalay continued his words as follows: “After our coaches are brought to a certain stage under the supervision of our coaches, the introduction of the materials used in skiing, the risks to the children and the guidance of our coaches. Our children are also very concerned and diligent. Our coaches are very happy with the children. ”

'There Was Serious Sports Investments in 15 Years'

Underlining that our parents are satisfied with their demands, Atalay said, “In the last 15 years, very serious sports investments have been made. He got his share from these investments in our city. What makes a facility valuable is the use of people. The more people use it, the facility serves its purpose. I want to call our citizens. We have branches in our facilities and salons that appeal to all age groups. Hold them by our children and bring them to play sports, "he said.

6th grade student Tuna Kerem Kızılet stated that she came to ski at a young age and said, “We are getting ski training with our teachers. We have entered the semester break, we pass the holiday by sliding and having fun, not at the computer. We had friends who participated in the competitions. I invite all of our friends to get up from the computer and slip. ”

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