Florya and Beşyol Metrobus Station to be merged

besyol metrobus station to be renewed for obstacles
besyol metrobus station to be renewed for obstacles

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Florya and Beşyol stations will be combined to make a new and larger capacity station. The stairs and walkways of the 44-stop Metrobus line Beşyol Station were expanded in recent years due to the increasing number of passengers.

Therefore, the disabled elevator used to access the station became idle. Disabled citizens had to cross another ladder to reach the elevator. The disabled elevator, which has become idle, has been failing for 6 years because it is old type and hydraulic based.

The General Directorate of IETT has started a new study on Beşyol Station, which does not allow for regulation because of its limited physical capacity. In this context, Florya and Beşyol stations were merged with a fast work and a new and more convenient station construction was started.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science and IETT's work is completed quickly and the problem of citizens with disabilities access to Mertobus is aimed to be solved permanently.



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