High Speed ​​Train in Sivas at the end of Eid al-Fitr

fast train at the end of ramadan bayrami
fast train at the end of ramadan bayrami

Provincial General Assembly in the second meeting of 2020 Governor Salih Ayhan and Mayor of Sivas Hilmi Bilgin attended. Ayhan and Bilgin raised many issues in Sivas and gave information to the council members about the projects.

Ayhan and Bilgin gave information to the members of the Assembly. Mayor Hilmi Bilgin gave information to the local parliament about the projects carried out in Sivas; “As you know, fast train work is going on very fast, I hope the fast train will come to Sivas at the end of Ramadan holiday. In this point, we prepare the city for high-speed train, if there are points where we can benefit from the construction of the high-speed train, we met with TCDD officials in order to bring them to Sivas and we planned the overpasses that will be made on the high-speed train route and we will project the overpasses. ”

Bilgin said that a second nation garden would be built in the field of Old Sample Hospital. “We will make a second nation garden instead of the Old Sample Hospital. This time we will design it locally and with the support of TOKI budget, we will implement it with the support of our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The most important issue there we are thinking of parking a car there. We will have greatly reduced this problem with a parking lot in that area. In the same region, the former Kızılırmak elementary school and public education center building, where we projected in the area, there is a parking lot for 197 vehicles, there are areas of denim difference book cafe, health center, handicraft center and the upper part of Sivas's historic square worth 2 thousand 500 people I hope we will do the construction of the mosque together ”.

Salih Ayhan Governor of Sivas, Sivas, told the processes reached in the point of studies. (Homeland)



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