There will be no children who do not know skiing in Erzurum

there will be no children who do not know skiing in Erzurum
there will be no children who do not know skiing in Erzurum

The season opening and promotion program of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality's Winter Sports School again witnessed colorful images. "We do not only make physical investments for winter tourism, we are investing in the future of our city in human terms," ​​said President Sekmen, who is welcomed by the shows of little skiers. The 6th term promotion program of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Winter Sports School was held in Palandöken Ski Center. Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor Club President Hüseyin Üneş also attended the program, along with representatives of public institutions and organizations, as well as coaches, ski-learning minors and their families. Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen emphasized the investments made for winter tourism and winter sports in his speech in the promotion program.


In line with the plans made since the day he took office in Erzurum, a brand new identity has been given to winter tourism and winter sports in Erzurum. kazanChairman Sekmen, who said that they are trying to get rid of them, said, “We don't see Palandokeni, Konaklı and Kandilli as just ski resorts; With these values, we have made very important investments for the future of the city. Of course, the most important of these investments, in our opinion, was the investment in people; we have implemented our winter sports school project in this direction. Because we believed that we should also train athletes in order to bring Palandökeni, winter tourism and winter sports, and moreover, this aspect of Erzurum to the fore.


Explaining that they have provided ski training for 5 thousand students in the remaining 40 years in the Winter Sports School of the Metropolitan, Sekmen said, “During the three months of training, we took our little pups from their homes with their services and left them to their homes with services after the training. We, as Metropolitan Municipality, also met all the needs of our pups, including ski clothing and suits, as well as feeding. We added 5 thousand more students this season to our students who have been training in ski under the supervision of expert teachers. Of course, the activities at our Winter Sports School were not limited to these. We also work to make our students interested in skiing and skilled in winter sports as successful athletes. Thus, while carrying Erzurum to the world window with winter tourism, on the other hand, we raise the champions of the future with winter sports. ”


Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, who said, “The national skiers and champions of the future will come out of these pups, whom we introduced to skiing at the winter sports school,” said: “This is what we call an investment. In other words, we are making new investments in our city physically. kazanWe are also making human investments at the same time. Just like we provide vocational training to thousands of our young people at our ESMEKs and turn them into a qualified workforce… Just as we train future artists and musicians in our cultural centers… It should be known that; These breakthroughs will continue, and we will continue to expand and strengthen Erzurum's tourism vision with new projects and new investments. Just as today's Palandöken is not the Palandöken 5 years ago, Erzurum 5 years from now will be in a much different and much better place than it is today. Erzurum will once again become a center of attraction, education, culture, sports and art for this region and country, as it was in the past.”

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