Domestic Automobile Will Be Suitable for Autonomous Driving Transformation

domestic car will be suitable for autonomous drive transformation
domestic car will be suitable for autonomous drive transformation

📩 26/03/2022 00:09

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group from the Twitter account was made about the new domestic car sharing. It was stated in the sharing that the car has an infrastructure that can be updated over the internet and developed in accordance with the 'level 3 and beyond' autonomous driving transformation.

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) at the end of 2019 had caused great excitement that promote domestic automakers. With two different chassis options, TOGG SUV and TOGG Sedan, new information was given to the citizens about the car introduced.


TOGG image sharing made by the Twitter page "can be upgraded Turkey's car over the Internet 'level 3 and beyond' of autonomous driving conversion, in compliance with developed infrastructure and advanced drive in city traffic with support systems and will alleviate the fatigue of a long journey" the statement said.


High impact strength, comprehensive active and passive safety elements and advanced driver assistance systems that will allow Euro NCAP 2022 star safety norms of 5 will take safely enjoy the journey with the indigenous İNTURKEY the car.


The tool was designed by the Italian design bureau Pininfarina. Prototype vehicles were produced in Italy.

More than 100 engineers were involved in the design of the vehicle. The battery of the vehicle is integrated into the platform. It is designed to receive 5 stars from Euro NCAP crash tests. The vehicle will have 7 standard and 2 optional airbags. The first model to be produced is planned to be a C class SUV, and by 2030, 5 different models will be put into production. There are tulip motifs on the front grille of the vehicle.

The instrument panel of the vehicle consists entirely of electronic screens. The panel has three display screens and a 10-inch (25,4 cm) multimedia and navigation screen. The vehicle does not have a side mirror, instead, there are cameras.


The vehicle is powered by lithium-ion batteries. Two power packs with a range of 300 km and 500 km will be offered on a single charge, depending on the battery capacity. The batteries of the vehicle are planned to be 30% charged in less than 80 minutes. With the regenerative braking system to be included in the vehicle, it is planned that the engines will work like dynamo in slowdowns and extend the range up to 20% by recharging the battery.

The vehicle is planned to be produced in two different engine power, namely 200 HP with rear-wheel drive and 400 HP with four-wheel drive. The speed of the vehicle, whose final speed will be 180 km / h, is 400–0 km / h acceleration in 100 HP version and 4.8 seconds in 200 HP version.

It is planned that the vehicle will automatically receive updates from the factory with a 4G / 5G internet connection, and that the vehicle can be remotely interrupted in the event of a malfunction. It is explained that the vehicle will have level 3 autonomous driving features.


Turkey's Cars will provide the leadership of the spread tOGGer until 2022 will come on the road thanks to its extensive charging infrastructure in the homes, offices and can be charged at stations on the way. With the technological possibilities of being a connected and smart car, users can easily plan and manage their car's charge.


The vehicle will be produced in a factory in Gemlik, Bursa, in 2020, on a land belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces, and planned to be completed in 2021. The first vehicle is planned to roll off the band in 2022 and start selling. It has been announced that a total of 30 billion TL fixed investment will be made for the project in 2019 years from 13 October 22.

It is planned to employ a total of 4.323 people in the production facility and to produce 5 thousand vehicles in 175 models per year. Many different tax cuts such as customs tax exemption, VAT exemption, tax deduction, insurance premium support for investment and state guarantees for the purchase of 30 thousand vehicles were given. In the first model, the vehicle is aimed to be produced from 51% domestic parts, and the rate of domestic parts in the second and third models to 68,8%.

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