Digital Tachograph Transition Time Extended for 6 Months

digital tachograph transition time extended to months
digital tachograph transition time extended to months

Bus and truck transporters engaged in freight and passenger transportation, driving and resting periods, and the vehicle's excessive speed information recorded in the process of digital tachograph transition was extended to 6 months. The deadline for the transition was announced July 10, 2020.


Like other measuring instruments, digital tachographs need to be reliable, function correctly, be periodically checked and the data stored must not be interfered with from the outside.


In 2012, within the scope of various arrangements made to serve the purpose of tachograph applications, a 5-year calendar was determined based on the vehicle model years related to the transition to digital tachograph and this process was started gradually in 2014.


The transition period for the transition to digital tachograph was ended on 31 December 2019. However, the number of vehicles in the last tier was higher than in previous years and the transition to the last days created the intensity at the end of the year. The deadline for the transition to digital tachograph was revised as July 6, 10 for an additional 2020 months in order to prevent the mentioned intensity from creating grievances in the transportation sector.


The aim of the digital tachograph obligation; protecting the social rights of drivers, establishing a fair competition environment in transportation and increasing road safety by minimizing fatal accidents. Therefore, it is important for the transportation sector to show sensitivity in the transition to digital tachographs and to complete the transition process in a healthy way by carrying out awareness and information activities within the last additional time.

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