New Logistics Innovation Center from DHL

dhlden new logistics innovation center
dhlden new logistics innovation center

DHL has opened a third center in Chicago with the American Innovation Center to develop new solutions for the improvement of logistics and supply chain operations.

Expressing its commitment to investing in new technologies at every opportunity, DHL added a third ring to two innovation centers in Germany and Singapore, bringing the American Innovation Center to the service of all its customers and business partners. Expanding its global footprint in the field of innovation, the new center comprises a 28-square-meter plant equipped with the latest technology. Since its founding in 1969, the center will focus on solutions that will deliver significant performance and efficiency gains, a step that will bolster the spirit of innovation that has defined DHL. It will also be a meeting place where DHL's technology partners and customers will conduct research to develop new solutions.

Ken Allen, CEO of DHL eCommerce Solutions and a member of the Deutsche Post DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation Department, said:

“Since its founding in 1969, innovation has always been a driving force for DHL. As a company committed to thinking differently to achieve excellence, we are at the forefront of developing solutions that change the rules of the game in the supply chain industry. Now, with our three innovation centers in different parts of the world, we can use the power of innovation in our services to our customers and play an active role in shaping the future of logistics. These centers provide a platform for understanding emerging trends and exploring ideas that have the potential to create a real-world business impact. For example, DHL was the first company to use transport robots in its North American warehouses. These self-propelled robots support the package transport system and can increase transport performance by up to 200 percent. This is a very important rate in a speed-based, globalized e-commerce environment. ”

As a global leader in the logistics industry, DHL continuously evaluates customer-centric innovative solutions; to improve performance, reduce costs, and better respond to changing customer needs.

"The innovations developed in the Innovation centers are trying to bring to Turkey"

This is reflected in the assessment relating to the CEO of DHL Express, DHL Express Turkey Claus Lassen, "said DHL Express technological trends in the structure will improve our services and our efficiency by closely monitoring working hard to develop innovative applications. We use robotic technologies that will increase automation in our regional hubs, as well as in our operation and service centers, and assist in shipment loading / unloading operations. In addition, we continue to increase the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies for route optimization that will both support our environmental goals and increase efficiency in the distribution process. We use other innovative technologies in our business processes for repetitive process automation applications in invoice issuance, reservations, order tracking and improved customer service. sohbet I can list robots and the popularization of speech recognition tools. One of our most important goals at DHL Express Turkey also developed new technology innovation centers in all of our products and services, bringing to Turkey, always keep our service quality at the highest level. SwipBox, the smart locker system that we recently commissioned, where you can receive your shipments 7/24, was one of them. In the upcoming period, we will continue to bring innovations to our customers, both in our internal processes and in products and services that come into contact with our customers, ”he said.



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