Demand for Domestic Cars TOGG will be collected…

demand for domestic car togg will be collected
demand for domestic car togg will be collected

Turkey's domestic automobile for every sector of the game, fans collected from a single front-demand study was initiated. To collect the demand to be made within the body of TOBB is planned to collect 30-40 thousand TL for prepayment. The Union will send letters to the chambers.

Citizens 'full grade' field began preparations for Turkey's car in front demand applications. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the day of the introduction of the domestic car was called for pre-purchase call to coordinate the organization was initiated from a single source.

According to reports, the acquisition of the business world coordination of Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB) will allow. 'We are ready to receive' messages from all over Anatolia will be included in the prepay list.

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) started working with outside figures to determine the number and pay of those who want to get the car.

From the moment the factory was established, the pre-payment money will be collected in the account to be created. With this model, it is stated that some of the financing required for the investment of the automobile factory will be provided.


It was learned that TOBB will send a letter to the chambers and exchanges about prepayment in the coming days. 81 provinces, 160 districts spread over 365 chambers and the top organization of the stock exchange TOBB'nun operations will accelerate. Prepayment amount is expected to be determined as 30-40 thousand pounds.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and TOBB Board Member Ibrahim Burkay, will be launched because of the demand for domestic automobile purchases from all over Anatolia, will support domestic and national automobile, he said.

Burkay, “This campaign was put forward with the demands from the base. The biggest support to the factory will be this campaign. Currently there is demand for almost 175 units, an annual production figure. The pre-purchase campaign will be an important step in realizing this. ”


The presidents of the chamber and the stock exchange stated that the pre-payment application was made in Tesla's models and said, ız We are ready to put our hands under the stone. Tes Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla's first pick-up model Cybertruck, 200 weeks after the introduction of the pre-order had received XNUMX thousand.


The fact that the factory will be established in Bursa also created excitement in the city. BTSO President Ibrahim Burkay, the city's production capability in the automobile industry, trained human resources and logistical opportunities to fulfill this historical responsibility, he said. Burkay, "Bursa, adapting advanced manufacturing infrastructure and advanced technology in the industry to our national automobile production in Turkey will feel most strongly," he said.

Stating that they are one of the first organizations to announce their support for domestic automobile production and that they are working in cooperation with the Presidency Investment Office and the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to bring the investment to Bursa, Burkay said, It has created a strong infrastructure for our automobile project ”.


Ahmet Nazif Zorlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zorlu Holding, a TOGG partner, said that all of the thousand passenger cars used in their companies would be replaced by domestic vehicles.


The car is released when Turkey will transform the urbanism. The roads will be adapted to the latest technology navigation of the domestic vehicle. Domestic automakers with Turkey's roads engineering 'important step in the field will be saved. Works on highways, which are integrated with artificial intelligence in accordance with the technology of the car, have accelerated. With smart highways and talking signs, drivers will be given instant warnings to prevent possible accidents.


According to the production plans announced by automobile manufacturers; By 2022, 100 new electric vehicle models will be available worldwide. In 2030, 40 percent of global vehicle production will be electric and 46 percent will be hybrid. Domestic automakers with Turkey, the world will have to adapt to a new player conversion.

One of the changes that the car will bring is the conversion of gas stations into charging stations. The button was pressed to develop the required battery technology in cooperation with the public and private sector.

Developed battery technologies will affect many sectors besides automotive. The number of charging stations located around 1.000 in Turkey will increase in a short time. After 2022, hundreds of charging stations will be established, especially on motorways between Istanbul and Ankara.

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