Pothole Danger in Ankara İzmir YHT Line! Precautions Should Be Taken

danger of potholes in ankara izmir yht line
danger of potholes in ankara izmir yht line

President of Eskişehir Branch of the Chamber of Geological Engineers, who stated that there are at least 2022 sinkholes on the High Speed ​​Train line, which will start its flights between Ankara and Izmir in 30. Dr. Can Ayday said, “It was the normal train route in Çorlu, more dangerous here. We think that the Ankara Izmir Line, the high-speed train will pass at a speed of 250 km, and the shaking there will increase the pothole formation. ” said.

Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train will start flights in 2022, but a very important warning came for the line. Head of the Chamber of Geological Engineers Eskişehir Branch Prof. Dr. Can Ayday stated that many potholes were detected in areas close to the crossing points of the line, and made vital warnings to prevent the train accident in Çorlu from happening. Geological engineers, who conducted research in the regions where the line will pass, observed that there was a sinkhole approximately one and a half kilometers away from the rails passing through Sivrihisar. Saying that precautions should be taken before the high-speed train line is opened, Prof. Dr. Can Ayday recalled the catastrophic train accident in Tekirdağ Çorlu. The engineers, who stated that the Ankara Izmir High Speed ​​Train Line will pass at a speed of 250 kilometers, warned that much more sinkholes could be formed.

Obruklar is one and a half kilometers north of YHT line!

Ayday said, “There are 8 potholes in Sivrihisar, which we see and record now. But there are sinkholes that the villagers and the farmers there also hide. I can say that there are 20-25 maybe 30 potholes with them. When we got there, we did not know that the train was so close. The villagers there also said and applied to the Chamber of Geological Engineers. We went and did some research there. So we saw that there really is a pothole in the area. Then we took the coordinates of the sinkholes with GPS. When we saw it, we were surprised because the High Speed ​​Train route passes one or a half kilometers north. I say it is a route because it hasn't started working yet. The Polatlı and Emirdağ parts of the Ankara-İzmir train road correspond to this place. When we placed the geology map behind the Mine Technical Exploration (MTA), which is suitable for the formation of the sinkhole, we saw that the lithological unit we observed in that area is exactly where the YHT passes. Close to one or a half kilometers. At least some precautions should be taken, maybe it was taken. No matter if it was taken. If not, at least serious study should be done for the route here. From there the train will pass, and the High Speed ​​Train is shaking too much as it passes. If the pothole formation passes from a risky place, it accelerates the pothole formation due to this shake. ”

What is the Pothole?

Carbonic acid is formed as a result of the combination of groundwater with carbon dioxide. This carbonic acid dissolves the soils with dense limestone over time, causing caves to form underground. After a while, the soil on the cave collapses, and the deep pits formed as a result of this collapse are called potholes.

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