Kocaeli Public Pool Common Pool System Passed Assembly

kocaelide will transfer the bus
kocaelide will transfer the bus

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality January Meeting was held in Leyla Atakan Cultural Center. Metropolitan Mayor Assoc. Dr. During the meeting, chaired by Tahir Büyükakın, 93 agenda items were discussed. President Tahir Büyükakın was given authority in the assembly to make a protocol regarding the common pool system which was started to gather public transportation under one roof. Büyükakın, said that they aim to solve the problems of public transport with the public pool.


At the meeting of the Assembly, the protocol on the transition to a common pool in public transport was authorized. President Assoc. Dr. Büyükakın said, “With the new system, we will have the chance to get rid of repetitive lines and transfer them. We will be able to go to the points that we could not go before with the available vehicles. We will pave the way for vehicle congestion and reduced passenger transport. It will work integrated with the tram. We can move on to the landed schedule. A pool will be built in the center, Gebze and south. The tram and all our cars will be in this common pool. We wanted authorization to increase the total journey and reduce the traffic in the city. Yetki The article passed unanimously.


An election was also made for the membership of the audit committee at the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality January Assembly Meeting. At the assembly meeting, the Metropolitan Municipality Supervisory Board was elected. Berna Abiş, Hasan Numan Tonka and Ali Karakaş, Mehmet Nuri Pasha from CHP and Özhan Kurt from MHP were elected to the supervisory board. These names will supervise the Metropolitan Municipality. At the assembly of January, a moment of silence was held for our martyrs, after which our National Anthem was sung.

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