Claim to be paid to the unopened stages at Istanbul Airport

claim to be paid from the state vault to the unstaged stages at the Istanbul airport
claim to be paid from the state vault to the unstaged stages at the Istanbul airport

It turned out that only one of the four stages will be paid at Istanbul Airport, which is in operation, due to the passenger guarantees at the stages that have not been opened from the state's safe.

SözcüAccording to Başak Kaya's report, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar said that the company will receive the passenger guarantee fee even if other stages are not opened. Akar reminded that Istanbul Airport was tendered with the build-operate-transfer model, and that the airport was tendered with 25 billion 22 million Euros plus VAT for a 152-year operating period. Akar said:

“The state gave a 61 percent guarantee for the new airport. SCT, VAT, customs exemption were also provided. The passenger fare guaranteed at all BOT airports is 15 Euros for international flights, whereas 20 Euros. 3-2 Euro at domestic airports and 5 Euro here. The airport consists of 4 stages. Steps 3 and 4 will be held depending on the situation of 1 and 2. So it is not clear whether it will be done yet or not. If there is a congestion, the company will build the 3rd and 4th stages, if not, it will not. ”

The operator will get his money

Haydar Akar emphasized that the guaranteed passenger amounts will be built considering that the 3rd and 4th stages will be built. “Individual passenger accounts have been made for these stages. The first stage will have a capacity of 70 million passengers. After the second stage, passenger capacity will be 2 million. If 90 million stuck, the third stage will be built and a capacity of 90 million will come. If Stage 3 gets stuck, Stage 20 will be built. Even if they are not made, the operating companies will get their money. As a result of agreements on the number of vehicles you guarantee and the exchange you provide, the government cannot raise money for operators. You build a tunnel the same way. We encounter the same picture on land and in the air. ”

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