Chemical Sector Breaks All-Time Export Record

chemical sector breaks all-time export record
chemical sector breaks all-time export record

The chemical sector, which recorded a historical record with its $ 2019 billion worth of exports in 20,6, became the second largest exporter of the last year. chemical sector drew the attention to the increased performance in exports, exporting over $ 2019 billion in 3, among the sectors most in more 18,54'lük percent growth in exports to Turkey and was able to be a growing industry.

The chemical sector, which is one of the leading sectors in the sector which exports to the most countries among all sectors, came first in this field with its exports to 208 countries and regions in November. Exports of the sector in 2019 amounted to 35,83 million 26 thousand tons with an increase of 539 percent. Spain, which is one of the countries where the chemical sector exports the most, is in the first place with 1 billion 62 million dollars of exports, the Netherlands is the second with 1 billion 32 million dollars of exports, and Iraq is the third with 1 billion 12 million dollars of exports.

on behalf of the chemical industry, which provides a major contribution to Turkey's economy and exports, to evaluate the 2019 and future periods during a press conference organized by IKMIB to share their goals, Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters 'Association (IKMIB) Chairman Adil Pelister, the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association (IMMIB) General Secretary Dr. S. Armağan Vurdu and İMMİB Deputy Secretary General Coşkun Kırlıoğlu.

Evaluating the year-end exports of the chemical industry at the meeting, Adil Pelister, Chairman of İKMİB, said, “Our chemical industry exports broke a historical record in 2019. We have achieved a great success with exports of 20 billion dollars, exceeding our 20,6 billion dollar target. Also among the export sector over 2019 billion dollars in 3 we were the fastest growing sectors in Turkey's export growth 18,54'lük percent. The export of our industry on the basis of amount in 2019 was 35,83 million 26 thousand tons with an increase of 539 percent. We broke our monthly export record with the export of 2019 billion dollars in October 1,94. During 2019, each month in a row as Turkey's second most exporting sector, we conducted our permanent second goal. In the chemical industry, taking a share 11,44'lük percent of Turkey's total exports, we have provided significant added value to our country. In 2020 the first sector while maintaining our position as the second most exported to Turkey, Turkey's export and we aim to increase our contribution to growth. In addition, we plan to carry out our activities more comprehensively in line with the road maps we will prepare for our sub-sectors.

“Chemistry is a strategic sector with high growth potential”

Pelister emphasized that the importance of the chemical sector is increasing each year and that the growth potential is high and strategic sector. “The chemical sector has 2019 priorities in the Export Master Plan, the 11th Development Plan and the New Economy Plan. sector. We, as IKMIB, are successfully representing the Turkish chemical industry all over the world with our 5 sub-sectors ranging from plastic, paint, cosmetics to medicines, rubber, organic and inorganic chemicals. In this context, during 16 approximately 2019 exporters of our company participated in 500 national participation in trade fairs and 14 international fairs visit 11 info stands organization, 4 sectoral trade mission, 5 recruitment committee, 12 TTG (Turkey Promotion Group) project, 4 seminars continue 3 international competitiveness development projects (URGE), 7 URGE delegations and 3 URGE trainings and 3 workshops on different sectors. In addition, we held the 6th R & D Project Market event, the fourth of the IKMIB Export Stars Award Ceremony and the industrial design competition. ”

Kaldır We remove the obstacles in front of our exporters ”

Stating that they cooperate with NGOs in different fields, Pelister said that they will take new actions to increase the export of chemical sub-sectors in 2020 and said: and UPS. Within the scope of our cooperation, IKMIB members will be able to make sample shipments by taking advantage of the advantageous prices offered by UPS by receiving the Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy Dangerous Goods Rules (DGR / Category 1,2,3,6) Training (IATA certificate).

However, since the day we took office as the Board of Directors of İKMİB, we made a special effort to reduce the green passport limits, which are one of our promises, and to increase the usage period from 2 years to 4 years. In order to obtain a green passport, the $ 1 million limit required by exporters was reduced to $ 500. Green passport usage period has been increased from 2 years to 4 years. Thus, another obstacle in front of our exporters was lifted. In 2019, we completed the application procedures of 719 member companies that met the requirements for obtaining a green passport. We will try to double this figure in 2020 ”.

“We want to change the perception of chemistry”

At the beginning of this year, Pelister pointed out that chemistry perception should be changed and added, ithal According to TURKSTAT data, imports of our sector are approximately 2019 billion dollars in the 11-month period of 68,57, and about 25 billion dollars of this amount is used for heating and energy. The rest is given to other sectors as semi-finished products or raw materials. Therefore, we need to change this misconception of our chemical sector. Another important issue is the issue of recycling and waste, which has an important role in the cyclical economy. We believe that recycling will both have a positive impact on the environment and help reduce dependence on external sources. We will continue our efforts to ensure that the added value provided by our chemical sector to our country continues to increase, to accurately explain the strategic importance of chemistry and to increase the share of the Turkish chemical industry in world trade. ”

New projects to add value to chemistry

Pelister stated that they attach importance to providing support to design, innovation, digitalization, R & D focused studies and Ur-Ge projects and added: uz We want to establish a new Chemical Technology Center that will address all of our sub-sectors and contribute to its development. In addition, we will assume an important role in the International Chemistry Olympics, which is planned to be held in our country this year. In addition, as the Chemical Sector Platform (KSP), of which I was elected President last December, we aim to hold the Chemical Summit that will bring together all the stakeholders of our sector during the year.

As IKMIB, we have 2020 national participation organizations, 10 sectoral trade delegations, 17 sectoral trade delegations in 5 countries including United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, USA, Panama, China-Hongkong, China, Netherlands, S.Arabia and S.Africa. delegation, workshops, R & D project Market event, awards ceremony, Turkey Promotion Group (TTG) project activities, exhibition visits, 7 URGE delegation of different education organizations, business associations and we will continue to support our exporters with our project.

South America region, Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and Central Asian countries are important for us. China, which stands out in East Asia, is one of the primary target countries of our country. We will organize the national participation organization of China International Import Fair and Chinaplas Fair which will be held for the third time this year. We will continue to receive applications from China until the end of January for the International Import Fair. However, within the scope of our country's target of 3 billion dollars trade volume with the USA, our chemical sector stands out among the priority sectors. visiting our country in September with US Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross, we held a special meeting on raising the chemical industry $ 100 billion trade volume between the US and Turkey. We have stated that we will be able to export from the United States easily wherever required in the pharmaceutical industry which is our most important import items into a new generation of performing drug production in our country, especially in regions close to Turkey. In addition, we said that we are open to industrial ventures together for ethylene and derivatives derived from rock gas. This year we are planning to organize The Inspired Home Show in the kitchenware industry, NRA in the packaging / kitchenware industry and FIME national participation organizations in the medical-pharmaceutical-health tourism sector in the USA..

2023 target of chemical exports is 30 billion dollars

Pelister stated that they aim to export more than 2020 billion dollars of chemical sector in 22 and said, kapsamında Within the scope of 2023 targets of our country, we aim to increase our sector's exports to 226,6 billion dollars and to get a share of 30 percent within the scope of export targets of 13 billion dollars. Our Ministry of Commerce is about to support our industrialists in order to facilitate the access of our exporters to finance in order to reach the targeted export figure, to ensure the digital transformation of the chemical sector, to create energy costs and excise duty, container lines, to increase fair participation support rates, and to make petrochemical plant investments. and we are in negotiations.

Opened in 2018, the Star Refinery facility operating in the field of petrochemicals has made a significant contribution to our sector in terms of chemical exports. With the investments made in our sector, our chemical exports are also affected positively. We need 6 more petrochemical facilities. We expect investments in petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals to begin. However, it is of great importance for our exporters that the efforts to update the Customs Union agreement with the European Union reach the conclusion as soon as possible. As chemical exporters, we will continue to contribute to the development and growth of our country. Bulundu

In 2019 Spain was the most exported country

When the distribution of chemicals and products sector exports by 2019 is examined, Spain ranks first with 1 billion 62 million dollars export while the Netherlands is the second with 1 billion 32 million dollars export and Iraq is the third with 1 billion 12 million dollars export. ranked. Iraq was followed by Italy, Egypt, Germany, USA, Greece, England and Malta in the top ten.

EU countries ranked first in chemical industry exports in 2019

While the European Union ranked first among the groups with the highest chemical exports in 2019 with an export of 8,51 billion dollars and an increase of 27,24 percent, the Near and Middle East Asian Countries ranked second with an increase of 3,9 billion dollars and an increase of 24,56 percent. Third, North African Countries export by 2,66 billion dollars and fourth with 17,16 percent export, and Other Asia Countries export by 1,85 billion dollars and 7,78 percent, third with 1,36 billion dollars export and 1,12 percent increase in other European Countries. Ranked fifth with XNUMX decreases.

At most “plastics and articles thereof”Was exported

In the 2019 product group exports of the chemicals and products sector, the “plastics and products” product group ranked first with an increase of 4,12 percent and exports of $ 6,12 billion, accounting for 29,67 percent of total exports of the sector. 85,78 percent increase in this product group, exports of $ 6,08 billion and 29,46 percent share of “mineral fuels, mineral oils and products” group and 0,91 percent increase, $ 1,82 billion exports and 8,82 percent, XNUMX shares followed by gr inorganic chemicals ”product group. Afterwards, the most exported products were çok rubber, rubber goods ”,“ essential oils, cosmetics and soap ”and acılık pharmaceutical products sırasıyla.

2019 chemical export on a monthly basisı

AY 2018 VALUE ($) 2019 VALUE ($) DIFFERENCE (%)
January 1.353.487.556,40 1.539.614.639,29 13,75%
Şubat 1.265.529.196,93 1.645.323.192,40 30,01%
Mart 1.566.933.799,04 1.840.047.409,52 17,43%
Nisan 1.353.901.289,71 1.771.394.337,14 30,84%
Mayıs 1.467.399.494,29 1.936.809.664,78 31,99%
Haziran 1.423.540.045,91,43 % -8,87
Temmuz 1.477.075.314,94 1.738.913.423,63 17,73%
August 1.378.633.465,30 1.636.039.238,02 18,67%
September 1.534.992.740,22 1.650.750.759,28 7,54%
October 1.591.817.723,44 1.937.291.613,83 21,70%
Kasım 1.494.367.840,40 1.833.953.589,13 22,72%
Aralık 1.513.333.897,17 1.824.151.689,84 20,54%
Total 17.421.012.364 20.651.543.466 18,54%

Most chemical export countries in 2019

1 SPAIN 818.547.149,76 1.062.908.176,99 29,85%
2 NETHERLANDS 518.495.943,34 1.032.968.698,87 99,22%
3 IRAQ 866.797.109,07,14 16,78%
4 ITALY 633.019.987,60 974.410.373,04 53,93%
5 EGYPT 945.554.405,35 904.880.049,51 % -4,30
6 GERMANY 937.454.282,14 879.555.500,15 % -6,18
7 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 836.567.378,21 739.755.939,55 % -11,57
8 YUNANİSTAN 514.100.624,54 593.140.430,17 15,37%
9 BRITAIN 568.686.948,47 569.530.563,55 0,15%
10 MALTA 243.601.602,64 569.006.982,20 133,58%

2019 ysub-sectors in the export of chemical chemicals

PLASTICS AND PRODUCTS 5.884.260.446 6.126.422.171 4,12%
MINERAL FUELS, MINERAL OILS AND PRODUCTS 3.274.531.062 6.083.391.967 85,78%
INORGANIC CHEMICALS 1.805.361.884 1.821.753.232 0,91%
RUBBER, RUBBER GOODS 1.363.366.628 1.241.480.134 % -8,94
PHARMACY PRODUCTS 959.108.327 1.033.411.475 7,75%
PAINT, VARNISH, INK AND PREPARATIONS 795.769.721 848.577.657 6,64%
MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS 601.043.045 681.480.547 13,38%
ORGANIC CHEMICALS 626.068.693 583.968.618 % -6,72
WASH PREPARATIONS 454.803.067 481.722.112 5,92%
FERTILIZERS 295.405.227 319.375.633 8,11%
ADHESIVES, ADHESIVES, ENZYMES 192.802.690 217.044.382 12,57%
PHOTOGRAPHY AND CINEMA PRODUCTS 11.824.069 13.450.498 13,76%
Gunpowder, Explosives and Derivatives 9.573.701 10.925.959 14,12%
PROCESSED asbestos and mixtures, products 243.460 161.897 % -33,50
TOTAL 17.421.012.364 20.651.543.466 18,54%

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