Channel Istanbul Contrary to the Paris Agreement

channel contradicts istanbul paris agreement
channel contradicts istanbul paris agreement

In the afternoon session of the Channel Istanbul Workshop, Sabancı University Climate Studies Coordinator, Boğaziçi University faculty member, made a presentation. Umit Sahin, the Paris Agreement of the Channel Istanbul project is contrary to the agreement, he said.

The “Channel Istanbul Workshop yönetiminde was conducted by Ahmet Atalık, Head of IMM "Environmental Dimension; Agriculture, Climate and Ecology ” The ecological impact of the Channel on Istanbul was thoroughly evaluated.

 Istanbul University, Professor of Soil Science and Ecology. Dr. Prof. Dr. Doğan Kantarcı, President of TMMOB Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Istanbul Branch Murat Kapıkıran, Boğaziçi University Climate Change and Policy Application and Research Center Dr. Murat Türkeş, Sabancı University Climate Studies Coordinator Ümit Şahin Assoc. Prof. of Istanbul University, Department of Public Administration and Political Science. Dr. Sevim Budak participated as speakers.


Sabancı University Climate Studies Coordinator, emphasizing the Paris Agreement and reminding that it was one of the first countries to sign the agreement. Ümit ŞAHİN said, “As per the Paris agreement, countries have promised to follow climate protection policy Kanal and said Kanal İstanbul is unacceptable within the scope of climate control.

Stating that we cannot maintain the old-style policies because of the climate crisis. Şahin said:

“If you're wondering what old-style climate policies are, look at the fires in Australia today. Paris Agreement also if applied literally in the implementation, including Turkey, are under the obligation of all countries that signed the agreement. The world economy is decarbonising, away from fossil fuels. Fate for the 2050s is the reality of this world. Turkey-based excavation with this project, making permanent high-emission fossil fuel economy. "

Murat Kapıkıran, President of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, who criticized the EIA Report, said:

Ç The EIA Report, which should analyze the problems we will face in case the Channel is made, does not have a single drop impact assessment. There's only an analysis of the present.

The microorganisms in the environment are as valuable as human beings. It has begun to change from human centered focus to ecology centered focus. Kanal Istanbul has no ecological sensitivity. By filling areas up to a depth of 25 meters, the components of marine ecosystems will be destroyed. ”

Political Scientist Assoc. Dr. Sevim Budak, the channel project, whether political or ecological, economic question should be answered, he said. Budak suggested that the existing natural structure remain an ecological corridor.

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