Çambaşı Nature Facilities Became Favorite of Vacationers

cambasi nature facilities became the favorite of holidaymakers
cambasi nature facilities became the favorite of holidaymakers

Çambaşı Nature Facilities, which have become the center of attention for holidaymakers with the implementation of the bungalow project after the ski center, is full of expression in these days when schools go on a semester break.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Approximately 60 thousand people used Çambaşı Nature Facilities, which managed to be one of the facilities that made a name for itself with the investments realized after the instruction of Mehmet Hilmi Güler. In the facilities where only 26 thousand people flocked on Sunday, January 15, the vehicle queue extended to the main road.


In Turkey, the sea and the nearest airport is located in one of the ski resort Çambaşı nature of sound in the world is not just voicing bring the army in Turkey Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “Our work continues in every direction in order to improve winter tourism in Ordu and make Ordu livable in every season. There were 5 ski tracks in the ski center, we increased this number to 11, and the 5 km track length to 17 km. In this context, we built bungalows in our Çambaşı Plateau, one of Ordu's favorite places in summer and winter. This place has been carefully designed. No more to say its comfort. With the operation of the bungalows, everyone from 7 to 70 showed great interest. Not only from Turkey, where it is herewith are asking the world, "he said.

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