Bursa GUHEM Counts Days for April 23

Bursa is counting days for April
Bursa is counting days for April

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TÜBİTAK in cooperation with the city. kazanWork continues feverishly at the Gökmen Space and Aviation Training Center (GUHEM), which has been opened and is planned to open on April 23. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the works in the center, said that GUHEM is one of the most prestigious projects in Bursa.

Gökmen Space and Aviation Education Center, built in cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TÜBİTAK, next to Bursa Science and Technology Center, which has become the technology base of Bursa with its 150 thousand visitors annually, will carry Bursa to the top in the field of space and aviation. . GUHEM, which will contain 13 interactive training facilities, aviation training center (simulators), space training center and vertical wind tunnel, will be a monumental work that adds value to the city with its zeppelin-shaped architecture.

Feverish work

Examining the ongoing works at Gökmen Space and Aviation Training Center, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that GUHEM will be one of the most prestigious projects in Bursa. Stating that if there is no setback, GUHEM will open on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day, which is the closing day of Science Expo, President Aktaş said, “This is the future of our offspring, our youngsters being raised much better, especially with space technologies, high technology. It will be a very nice place where they will get to know and especially special training about aviation. There is a really feverish work. On the one hand, environments are tried to be prepared, on the other hand, experimental setups are placed. The history of aviation is presented here with visuals. However, environments in which children can receive education are prepared. I believe and hope that Bursa will be one of the important cities that will hopefully train pilots and lead the pilot training ”.

Turkey Space Agency

Prime Minister Recep established theme Tayyip Erdogan signed by published in the December 13, 2018 decision of the government and Turkey's 20-year dream that Turkey Space Agency of the ring Head of voicing an important role in guhem the introduction point Aktas, "Our Bursa, because it is shaped airship with Architecture I think it will add a different value. With the structures such as Science Technology Center, GUHEM, fairground and new courthouse, this region has turned into a special place. I would like to express that we are very excited because of this project that our President also pays special attention to and I am looking forward to April 23, 2020 with great curiosity. ”

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