Başkentray Özgüneş Stop Unavailable in 7 Months

baskentray ozgunes stop not available for months
baskentray ozgunes stop not available for months

Başkentray Özgüneş stop, which was inundated and closed for maintenance after the effective rainfall in June last month, has not been used for 7 months. Stating that they submitted their complaints to TCDD with a petition, the inhabitants said, “We are tired of receiving the answer“ A temporary problem will be solved “for 7 months. We are waiting for a permanent solution. Is

According to the news of Hürriyet Doğahan Giritlioğlu; Özgüneş stop of Başkentray was flooded after the flood disaster last June and the entrance section was taken care of by placing a sign saying 'Commuter trains will not stop temporarily at this station'. Due to the fact that the station is closed, Başkentray stops directly at the Etimesgut Station instead of the Özgüneş station after the Eryaman YHT station and passes directly to the Eryaman station when coming from Etimesgut. Residents of Etimesgut Süvari Neighborhood Station on the street for 7 months is unable to use the stop is burning. Presidential Communication Center (grass), Sincan District and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) citizens stating that the completion of work despite forwarding a complaint to the "seven months 'temporary problem will be resolved' We are tired of get the answer," he revolts ETT.

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