Minister Varank Passes Behind the Domestic Electric Carriage

minister has got behind the wheel of domestic electric carriage
minister has got behind the wheel of domestic electric carriage

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank steered behind the wheel of a locally produced electric carriage in Istanbul Park, where motorsport races were held. Stating that a topic related to phaetons has been on the agenda recently, Minister Varank said: “Our industrialist has developed an innovative product, electric phaeton. It is a very nice and useful tool. ” said.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank tested the electric carriage of a company producing electric vehicles in Bursa and Denizli at Istanbul Park in Tuzla, which also hosted Formula 1 races in the past.

During the test, Minister Varank was accompanied by the Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya, Pendik Mayor Ahmet Cin, Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı, General Manager of the Reference Limited Company, which produces the electric carriage, and Intercity Chairman Vural Ak.

Receiving information from the authorities on electric carriages, Varank passed behind the wheel of both the carriage and other electric vehicles of the company.


In a statement after the test drive, Varank stated that the carriages have been on the agenda lately, “This company produces domestic golf vehicles and electric vehicles. He also developed an innovative product, electric carriage. We took our mayors and governor with us and tested this tool. We are really satisfied. It is a very nice and useful tool. ” said.


Varank emphasized that there is an electric alternative to horse-drawn carriages and that electric vehicles should be used in order not to torment animals.

Pointing out that local producers should be supported, Varank said, “We are talking about the importance and use of domestic production in every environment. We want the products produced in our country to be preferred over foreign products. There is actually legislation on this issue. Legislation on the application of price advantages to domestic products is already in practice. ” he spoke.

Varank emphasized that they want to write a success story with products developed locally and nationally, “We have seen an example here. Hopefully such products are used in Turkey is presented to the benefit of both citizens of our tourists. " said.

Varank, who made evaluations about price advantages for domestic production in technological products, continued as follows:

“The application of 15 percent price advantage in domestic products, especially in public tenders, is mandatory for medium and high technology products. For other products, this situation is left to the decision of public authorities. We frequently hold meetings with our public administrations, ministries, and local governments about the application of price advantages to domestic products.

It is supported by 15 percent of the domestic manufacturers a price advantage, both in terms of the nationalization of the products can not produce, but also important for the creation of a scale in Turkey. Establishment of the Industrial Executive Board within the framework of the 11th Development Plan is a subject matter. Here, we want to establish a board to be led by our President, in order to ensure localization especially in public procurements and large-scale tenders. These boards through indigenization in the field in Turkey will have taken an important step. "


Haluk Şahin, General Manager of References Limited Company, which produces electric carriages, said, “We produce all our vehicles locally and nationally. We have electric vehicles that can go to traffic such as electric buses, classic vehicles, carriages, vans. We produce in Bursa and Denizli. We export to 33 countries. ” said.

Drawing attention to the fact that its competitors in the world sell at high prices, Şahin said: “We produce the electric carriage at more affordable prices locally and nationally in Sarayköy, Denizli. We sell low energy consumption environmentally friendly electric coaches to domestic and international markets.

The electric carriage, which is the result of a 15-year R&D study, charges in 6-8 hours and can go 70-80 km on a single charge. Our vehicle, reaching a speed of 30 km, operates with 4 wheel hydraulic brake system. ”

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