Imamoglu's Response to Minister Turhan's 'I Heard From My Nephew'

I heard from my nephew turhanin the answer to the word imamoglundan
I heard from my nephew turhanin the answer to the word imamoglundan

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu, answered journalists' questions about the agenda at Yenikapı Eurasia Performance and Art Center. İmamoğlu said, “The Minister of Transport made a statement regarding Kanal Istanbul. He also shared an information that his nephew conveyed to him. Reminding him that the maritime traffic is heavy, therefore Kanal Istanbul is needed," he reminded, "I do not know his profession in transportation, especially in sea transportation, but a Minister who said that with his nephew's idea, he was convinced of the biggest and most important project of Istanbul, Turkey. If there is, I leave the interpretation of the rest to the citizens”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, also answered the questions of the journalists during the “We Listen to Our Women Headmen” meeting held at Yenikapı Eurasia Performance and Art Center. İmamoğlu said, “The court rejected the 'Canal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol' signed between the IMM and the two ministries in 2018, in the annulment case filed by the professional chambers. Protocol law was approved. To the question “Can we get your evaluation?”, “The process actually continues. So this is not a result. We received a decision saying, 'It is about to be examined in a higher court'. Therefore, there is an appeal process. The process continues. I do not want to talk about a process that has not yet been fully clarified legally," he replied.


Imamoglu said, bazı There were some question marks in the heads. Is there any connection between withdrawing IMM from protocol and this court process? “ Our reason for withdrawal is that it's an administrative problem. What's that? You make a decision, you sign as mayor. An unauthorized signature. 2-2,5 months have passed and you take a parliamentary decision. This is not the right process. It's not legally true. You are signing a protocol with a non-authorization. Think of it, I'm going to make a decision now, I don't have the authority, and I'm going to pass it to parliament in three months. This isn't something. It's not true either. Because of this mistake, we have given up this protocol and it is not true. This is not about my negative view of the personal process..


Imamoglu said, “The Minister of Transport made a statement regarding the channel Istanbul. He also shared a piece of information that his nephew gave him. Kanal Deniz said that there is a need for sea traffic is heavy, ”he replied. Because I feel sorry. I always feel sorry for you. Transportation, let alone, I do not know the profession in the areas of maritime transport nephew, but his nephew idea if there is a minister said in Istanbul that Turkey satisfied to the largest and most important projects, I'm leaving the rest of the review to the citizens. "İmamoğlu," it is related to the density of traffic in the city line Is there any problem ”” There is no such problem. Strange situation, the environment described is strange. It's a bit of a comedy. I don't even want to comment on that. Very sad. So this is an important issue, such an important project. And the Minister of Transport says, 'It takes 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes and therefore Channel Istanbul is necessary'. I leave the rest of the opinion to the citizen ”.

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