Arinch Logistics in Azerbaijan Project Transportation

arinak logistics in azerbaijan project transport
arinak logistics in azerbaijan project transport

Truck transportation by road is mostly carried out with countries not connected to the sea. In our country, there are many transport companies which carry out logistics activities within the scope of trade with all European and Asian countries with or without sea connection. Since these companies generally prefer to work in countries with close and border neighbors, they are especially focused on the Azerbaijan line due to their proximity.

operating in Turkey Shipping to Azerbaijan Although there are many companies dominating the line, they are prominent with their comprehensive and special studies. Arinat Logistics is one of the preferred companies with its structure that attracts attention by exporters and foreign trade companies.

The demand for non-oversize heavy transport, container transport, refrigerated truck transport and partial transport is also important in Azerbaijan, where full truck transport is concentrated. Effective in all of the aforementioned departments, Arinch offers comprehensive transportation services with logistic container transport trucks, heavy-duty vehicles designed for heavy transportation, refrigerated semi-trailer trucks suitable for cold chain product transportation, and cargo vehicles capable of regular weekly partial delivery.

Studies in our country Shipping companies in Azerbaijan Our company is one of the few companies that can carry out export, import and transit of third country freight groups from Europe to Azerbaijan. In particular, third countries who are very experienced in our group companies perform transport of freight transport should be made by transfer through Turkey or to provide direct services to the transport and delivery times are as low download.

Arinch Logistics, which moves all domestic and foreign license plate vehicles in the vehicle fleet within the scope of cmr insurance and assurance, conducts studies with its experienced drivers, professional operation team with a 7/24 understanding, and evaluates all the transportation requests coming to our company immediately and positively back in the shortest time. provide returns. Our company, which continues its working life without compromising its customer satisfaction-oriented principles, is one of the preferred transportation companies with its success story extending from the past to the present day.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Iran Transportation Companies

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