Arında Logistics Continues Its Transport To Macedonia Continuously

Arinak Logistics Continues Transportation of Macedonia Continuously
Arinak Logistics Continues Transportation of Macedonia Continuously

Continuing to grow and develop since 2011, when it entered the sector, it has been carrying out logistics activities to a significant part of the Balkan countries together with all of the European and Asian countries. Macedonia, which is among the Balkan countries and where our country's trade relations are very orderly and level, has a significant influence on the completion of large projects with complete truck and partial transportation works.

Our company, Arındır Lojistik, which provides important supports to the Macedonian transportation demands of our exporters and foreign trade organizations that manufacture all over our country, especially our provinces with excessive export and import capacity such as Istanbul and Izmir. Shipping companies Macedonia has an important position among. Our vehicles carrying cargo loaded from all regions of Turkey, including Skopje, Macedonia the first transport to all cities in maximum 4 days mainly from Ipsala border crossing, Greece uses them.

Our company, which can offer customs clearance, storage, port and warehouse services as well as foreign customs and agency services, as well as the transportation and transportation services of any commercial product group that is planned to be exported and transported to Macedonia, has been the principle and vision it has adopted since the day it entered the sector. continues its works focused entirely on customer satisfaction without deviating from its line. Macedonia shipping With the expert operation team located in the information center of our company, whose trucks are used under the control of experienced drivers, all the Macedonian logistics requests coming to the information processing center are instantly evaluated, and attractive offers are offered to the customers within the shortest possible time within the framework of freight and transportation conditions.

Macedonia transportation between Turkey called to mind when their customers from being one of the few companies in the sector thanks to the unlimited Arina Logistics offers logistics support services, and particularly preferred logistics company wanted to experience the place is getting güvenceydi between. Providing secure logistics services within the scope of cmr insurance with the vehicles within its transport authorization certificate and Macedonian plate trucks in the supply chain, Arında Logistics continues to work with determination.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Iran Transportation Companies

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