Antalya Transportation Workshop Will Be Held

antalya transportation will be organized
antalya transportation will be organized

There will be a solution to the problems of Antalya transportation with the city components. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek, Antalya, planned, rules, identity continues to work with the goal of making a city. In this context, the “Antalya Transportation Workshop ecek will be held in February together with the relevant chambers and NGOs on the revision of the Transportation Master Plan covering 7 districts to cover all 19 districts and the feasibility and project processes of the Konyaaltı-Kundu line on the rail system.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek, Chief Advisor. Cem Oğuz, Advisor to the President Alper Gökçay, Dr. Halim Ceylan, Professor Dr. Soner Haldenbilen held a meeting with Nurettin Tonguç, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department and unit managers to discuss transportation. In the meeting, the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning Processes, the current situation assessment, work proposals between 2020-2024 were discussed.


A road map was drawn up for the mandatory revision and reconstruction of the current Transportation Master Plan, which currently covers 7 districts, to cover 19 districts. In addition, scientific and technical information was exchanged for the solution of the problems in the construction of the 3rd Stage Railway System. The opinions about the feasibility studies and implementation projects of the Konyaaltı - Kundu 4th Stage Rail System line that were planned to be constructed were exchanged.


At the meeting, in February, transportation artisans' chambers, professional chambers, City Council, Transportation Master Plan planning with the related NGOs, 4th Stage Railway System Project and a “Antalya Transportation Workshop c where Antalya transportation will be put on the table, all components of Antalya urban transportation It was decided to take the right steps with regard to solutions and discuss the problems.


In the meeting, inadequacies in Antalya transportation, public transportation infrastructure, bicycle transportation and infrastructure, pedestrian transportation, private car transportation, parking areas, road transportation network infrastructure, public transportation connections to surrounding settlements, intercity transportation connections, urban freight transportation and institutional structure as. The meeting also discussed Bicycle Action Plan, Parking Action Plan, Pedestrian Action Plan, Road Safety Action Plan preparation, improvement and integration of nearby transportation conditions.

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