Altunizade Metrobus Station Expanded

altunizade metrobus station expanded
altunizade metrobus station expanded

IMM has built a new landing platform and ladder to reduce passenger density at Altunizade Metrobus Station. With the opening of the Yamanevler - Çekmeköy Metro, the daily number of passengers in Altunizade increased from 17 thousand to 35 thousand.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), a subsidiary of the General Directorate of IETT Enterprises, in order to reduce the density of the station built an additional 300 square meters of landing platform.

In this way, the number of vehicles approaching the station was increased from 5 to 9. In addition, a new staircase was built in which passengers could walk out of the platform and reach the subway station. In addition, 5 tourniquets, 1 ticketmatic and 2 return validators were added to the station to ease the citizens' entry and exit.

Altunizade Metrobüs Station started to serve twice as many passengers last year with the commissioning of Yamanevler - Çekmeköy Metro Line. With the integration of the metro line to the station, the average daily number of passengers increased by 2 percent, from 105 thousand to 17 thousand. Due to the increase in passengers, the station's waiting area and stairs were inadequate.


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