Aliagali people want to benefit from ESHOT services

aliagalilar wants to use eshotun services
aliagalilar wants to use eshotun services

Aliağa, where transportation is provided with dolmuş, is experiencing difficulties in urban transportation. Passengers complain about fares, frequency of trips and standing out.

In Aliağa, where hundreds of workers and civil servants fall off the roads from remote neighborhoods to work, city transportation is provided by minibuses. The minibuses departing from the İZBAN station carry passengers to both high-rise neighborhoods, businesses and the city center.

UniversalAccording to the news of Eren Saran; “The time of departure for minibuses moving between the center and İZBAN station is set depending on the train arriving. It is forbidden to carry standing passengers, but the minibuses in Aliağa never get up before they are full. At the beginning and end of the shift, this journey turns into an ordeal. In the city where the full price is 2.75, students can travel to 2.25 lira provided that they renew their discounted transport cards and carry them with them every year.

Officer Ramazan Çelebi, who lives in İzmir and works in the Aliağa Tax Office, says that he is carrying passengers standing in the center dolmuş. Çelebi said, de When we get off at work exits, we catch up with İZBAN. They need to increase the number of flights, especially for working hours. ”


Mustafa Dede, who has been living in Aliağa for 35 years and retired from PETKİM, says that ESHOT flights should also serve within Aliağa. Dede said, ağa Aliaga is now a big place, and the people living here should benefit from the municipal buses. We're left without alternatives. There is ESHOT in Foça and Bergama. We also take the buses to Bergama to go to Şakran from İZBAN but they charge double. This issue also needs an arrangement, ”he said.

In addition, IZBAN pay as you go to the application that creates a serious burden for Aliagalı Dede said, “Even to go to the nearest stop Aliağa'dan 12.40 pounds must be on our card. How people travel when they calculate it for a family. The day comes, not even five pounds next to the person. So there's a lot going on on the road. We want this application to be removed as soon as possible ”.


Osman Yüksel stated that traffic was stuck at working hours at certain points in Aliağa and said: “A sunk output must be made to TÜPRAŞ, PETKİM and central intersections. Especially in the morning and evening traffic are experiencing difficulties. In the summer season, I will arrive in 5 minutes instead of work in 15-20 minutes and sometimes in half an hour. ”


Gülay Karadana and her daughter Selvetnur, who live in Horozgediği village, say that the minibuses coming from the village to the center are once an hour. Every day, Selvetnur said that he came to the school with these minibuses and said, yolculuk We travel on top of each other. Three pounds going three pounds return money we give, how much we already have weekly? The situation of our families is certain, I will give him money or make myself a pocket money. Where they leave the road turnoff, we are in danger of being crushed. Expect a car in the cold after school. I use the flint lounges. Sometimes cars pass without picking up one hour waiting for the other. ”

Uz We are having a lot of trouble. There's a car in an hour. We use it for our market. If a patient had an emergency, you wouldn't go. We want more flights. There is such a problem for all of the village minibuses..

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