Governor Bilmez: 'We have no chance to rebuild the Van Ferry Pier Park'

We do not have the chance to repeat the van ferry port park
We do not have the chance to repeat the van ferry port park

Last year demolished the Republic of Turkey closed Cord Pier and Beach Park by the Railways and continues to remain on the agenda to be discussed. While discussions about the park, which has been waiting in a dilapidated way since last year, and which Van wants to reopen recently, Van Governor Bilmez said that it is impossible to re-park that area.

The first term meeting of the 2020th Provincial Coordination Board in Van, where public investments and inter-institutional cooperation is discussed, was held under the chairmanship of the Governor and Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Emin Bilmez.

During the meeting, the National Garden construction project on the land of the old state hospital, the transfer of the Tekel building and the Van ferry pier process were discussed.

To the meeting hosted by Van Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Directorate; Metropolitan Municipality, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, 11th Regional Directorate of Highways, Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, TEİAŞ Regional Directorate, district municipal officials, institution directors and representatives of non-governmental organizations participated.

Speaking at the meeting, Governor and Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Emin Bilmez announced that the total cost of many projects from different sectors is 6 billion 709 million 929 thousand 917 TL.

Reminding that there are 19 projects of 14 municipalities and 716 municipalities in Van, Governor Bilmez said, “The total cost of these projects is 6 billion 709 million 929 thousand 917 pounds, the total expenditure of previous years is 2 billion 301 million 544 thousand 803 pounds, the total of appropriation in 2019 is one billion. It is 289 million 903 thousand 422 liras and the total expenditure amount until the end of December is 3 billion 844 million 420 thousand 728 liras. "The total number of projects is 716, the number of projects in progress is 270, the number of projects in the tender stage is 79, the number of projects that could not be started is 19 and the number of projects completed is 285".

Commenting on the Tekel building with the old state hospital land, Governor Bilmez said, “The allocation process of the location of the old state hospital to the municipality has been completed. To be designed as a 'Garden of the Nation', the project company was given a job by TOKİ and this project was started. It will be one of the first national garden to be built in our city. The monopoly building was previously owned by the Privatization Administration. Of course, it was the property of Sümer Holding. This holding also handed over privatization for the sale of this place. He was taken back from the Privatization Administration and returned to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Written to the Presidency. We are waiting for the decree. After this letter is published, the allocation of the place will be made to the Van Investment Monitoring and Coordination Directorate, not to the municipality. After the delivery is completed, we will make repairs on one hand and project work on the other. ”

Reminding that he started a project in 2013 for the development of the railway line between Ankara and Tehran, Governor Bilmez said, “300 million TL has been spent for this project so far. The tender of this place was held as of yesterday. The tender finalization process also continues. From the left side of the pier, the railway becomes zero with the lake. So there is no space for walking here. The rails on the right side are laid, and after the rails on the left side are laid, we will not have a chance to park here, "he said.

Underlining that there is no chance of building a park at the current pier, but if there is no legal obstacle in the same area, Governor Bilmez continued his words as follows:

“We want the Iranian railway to become developed and usable. We hope that Van will be a center of attraction with this modernization and will make a significant contribution to our city, just as Kars railway became a center of attraction. This project is a project in favor of our city, our region and our economy. In return, a larger park has already been built and has been offered to Van. We consider the demand of our citizens for the construction of a new park on the beach again. We are starting our work on this issue. If we cannot afford it with a legal obstacle, we will open it to the service of our citizens by making new filling. ”

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