Second Delivery of Siemens High Speed ​​Train Sets Received

The second of the high-speed train sets produced by Siemens was received
The second of the high-speed train sets produced by Siemens was received

Shaking hands with Siemens in 2018, TCDD will receive 12 high-speed trains from the technology giant. Siemens, which started to deliver slowly, has now delivered the second set of orders for which it delivered its first set in November. The third set will be delivered in February, the fourth in April and the fifth in May. The delivered high-speed train will start service after the tests to be carried out.

WebteknoAccording to the news of Eray Kalelioğlu from; “TCDD has placed orders for 12 high-speed trains in total, and the technology giant has been working on this train for a while. Siemens, which delivered the first high speed train set in November, we have successfully delivered the second set now. Moreover, Siemens; It will continue to deliver high speed train sets in February, April and May.

The trains are delivered to Turkey, and then begins to serve the nearly 2-month test period. In fact, tests of the first high-speed train set delivered by Siemens in November have been completed. According to the statements made by the authorities, the high-speed train, whose tests have been completed, will enter service towards the end of January and will start transporting passengers between Ankara and Konya or between Ankara and Istanbul.

If the tests of the second high-speed train delivered are also successful, a new high-speed train will soon be in service. According to some sources, Turkey is worried a great interest in recent years and the increasing demand for high-speed train will be met with the new start time of the train.

According to the agreement between Siemens and TCDD, the delivery of 12 high-speed trains will be completed by the end of 2020. The process will be held in months. With the completion of the process and the completion of the remaining 10 high-speed trains, the TCDD will have a total of 31 high-speed trains.



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