Places with Red Flag in the scope of Izmir Project Without Barriers

The places that have red flag within the scope of İzmir Project without barriers
The places that have red flag within the scope of İzmir Project without barriers

Yeşilova Mound in Bornova district was made compatible with disabled access. A red flag was hoisted under the Izmir Barrier Free Project.

Today, a red flag was given to the 8-year-old Yeşilova Mound in the Bornova district as part of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Barrier-Free Izmir Project. Adapted for disabled access, the mound became the 500nd place in Izmir that was entitled to a red flag.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe red flag ceremony, attended by Neptün Soyer, Bornova District Governor Fatih General, members of the Red Flag Commission, members of the DISABLED İZMİR Executive Board, the spouses of the district municipalities, and the disabled associations, was hosted by Bornova Mayor Mustafa İduğ and his wife Ufuk İduğ.

Red flag was hoisted on Yeşilova Mound
Red flag was hoisted on Yeşilova Mound

Aysel Özkan, President of the Red Flag Commission and Deputy Secretary General of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized that an unobstructed city is the basic human right. Mentioning the importance of barrier-free tourism, Özkan said that this year, the beaches in the coastal towns will be harmonized with the accessibility of disabled people and said, “İzmir will be an important point in barrier-free tourism”.

Özkan thanked the mayor wives as the bureaucracy of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for their work for the city.

“We are with our spouses, our spouses are with us”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor underlined the responsibilities they took as wives of the president at the ceremony. Tunç Soyer's wife, Neptün Soyer, is the wife of 30 mayors with whom she works. sözcüHe said he was giving a speech. Soyer continued: “We believe that; There is a bridge between the public and the citizen; non-governmental organizations. We, as Izmir citizens and responsible citizens, take part in these non-governmental organizations. We try to do whatever we can. We always work very pleasantly with our friends. We are with our spouses, our spouses are always with us. "

That act as tourists each year about 150 million people with disabilities around the world expressing Soyer said, "But it does not stop the tourists 150 million as not to Izmir in Turkey. This is not just about ruins; Restaurants, public spaces and hotels are also lacking in this area. This 150 million should also visit İzmir. I am not saying this only to get a share of tourism, I am saying that it is human right without barrier access. Soyer said that they are happy to bring Yeşilova Mound to disabled tourism with the application of the red flag.

After the speeches, a red flag was drawn to Yeşilova Mound and Assoc. Dr. Yeşilova Mound was visited with the accompaniment of Zafer Derin. After the visit, a meeting was held on the expectations, opinions and suggestions of the disabled associations. The importance of cooperatives for the development of disabled work was underlined at the meeting.

How to get a Red Flag?

In order to get the Red Flag, first, a written application is made to the Social Projects Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The committee determined among the members of the committee examines the place on site and presents a report to the commission by evaluating it according to criteria such as ramps, horizontal circulation in the space, vertical circulation in the space, orientation and signs. The commission makes its decision based on the accessibility features of the area. The positive decision becomes final after the approval of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council and the relevant venue is entitled to receive the Red Flag.

The Red Flag is given in three categories: 1, 2 and 3. One star is given to areas that provide 60 percent, 2 star percent 75 percent, 3 star minimum 90 percent of the accessibility criteria.

Some of the venues with the Red Flag in İzmir are as follows: Izmir subway, buses connected to ESHOT, overpasses, overpasses connected to the Directorate of Transportation, ferries and piers connected to İZDENİZ A.Ş. Bayraklı Course Center, Buca Hasanağa Garden, Dokuz Eylül University Distance Education and Research Center, Koçtaş Bornova Branch, Renaissance İzmir Hotel, Bornova Oral and Dental Health Center and Aliağa State Hospital.

8 thousand 500 years

Yeşilova Mound is known as the oldest settlement in Izmir and one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. The settled life here dates back to 8 years. Excavations at the mound are carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ege University, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bornova Municipality.

Yeşilova Mound, which has an indoor area of ​​4 square meters, has a visitor center, museum, excavation house, Neolithic village and a large parking area.

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