89% of Citizens Want to Buy Domestic Cars

% of the citizens u want to buy domestic cars
% of the citizens u want to buy domestic cars

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, announced the results of the first survey conducted for Turkey's Car. 89 percent of the citizens participating in the survey wants to buy the car Industry and Technology Minister Varank, shopping centers, charging stations will be established, he said. Ministers Varank, giving Turkey the price of the car will be in the sign of the level to compete with rivals in the first quarter of the year stated that laid foundation of the factory.


Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank has shared new information about the car in Turkey. Stressing that Turkey be extremely pleased with the interest of the citizens of the show car Varank, Turkey's share in the results of the survey conducted for the car. According to the survey 97,6 percent of Turkey's car is supported telling Varank rate, he said that 89 percent of those who want to buy.


Minister Varank, the first target for the factory; Stating that the foundation was laid and construction started in Gemlik in the first half of 2020, “In the project, the company has designed and planned the next 15 years in a professional manner. What investments they will make, what models they will develop, what investments they need, how brand strategies will be, all of which are planned. Within the framework of the plan, the first cars will be released from mass production at the end of 2022. konu


Minister Varank said that the works are continuing for the brand that can be registered in accordance with the designs and said, “This process will be completed within the year. The pre-order application has not yet started by paying pre-money. This will be the method that the company will apply after the brand launch. ”


Ministers Varank, Turkey's Cars Initiative Group, explaining that first started working with a wide range of market research, "then related to the brand, consistent with the design, reflecting the Turkish characteristics, can adopt the Turkish nation, will run contrary to the international arena, which is easy to pronounce, registration In order to create a brand that is very detailed work is done. The brand will be determined within this year. Kul

Informatics Valley

After the launch of the Informatics Valley, Varank stated that applications were received from 32 companies in various fields and pointed out that smart mobility technologies would be developed in the Informatics Valley.

Mass production at the beginning of 2022

Minister Varank, the relevant ministries to prepare the road map for the establishment of the car's charging infrastructure, said: altyapı This vehicle will be ready when the vehicle is on the market. Work continues for the brand, this process will be completed within the year. We are in the process of producing 100-150 prototypes. They will be tested. At the beginning of 2022, the factory starts mass production..


Turkey Turkey's only guarantee of purchases for the Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) that apply to the Minister describing Varank, "up to 2035 thousand vehicles by 30, we can not guarantee any firm out of it." He said.


Europe, Russia, the United States is also among the few places Turkey's application for registration made Varank striking the car's design, said the infrastructure would be ready to go when the car market. (sanayi.gov.t is)


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