152 More Buses Will Join ESHOT Fleet This Year

Bus to Join ESHOT Fleet This Year
Bus to Join ESHOT Fleet This Year

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council unanimously decided to purchase 52 new buses for public transportation. Thus, the number of buses to be included in public transportation increased to 152 this year.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality increased the number of buses planned to be purchased in 2020. At the third meeting of the city council this evening, it decided unanimously that ESHOT General Directorate will purchase 60 new buses by using a 52 million lira loan under the Metropolitan guarantee. Thus, the number of buses to be included in the public transportation network increased to 152 this year. ESHOT had committed to purchase 2020 new buses, 20 of which were electric, in its 100 Strategic Plan.

It will be the life for the economy

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHe said the purchase of 52 new buses is aimed at the back rows of the city. Emphasizing the importance of public transportation vehicles working in harmony with each other, providing a comfortable journey and saving time, Tunç Soyer“In these days when many industrial establishments are in a bottleneck, this purchase by our municipality will be a lifeline for the sector and the country's economy in a sense,” he said.

Time will be saved

Due to the length of the tender processes, 6 buses and 27 midibuses that comply with Euro 25 emission standards will be supplied directly from the State Materials Office (DMO) at the end of next May. 10 of the buses will be gusseted. In particular, the midibuses will serve neighborhoods where big buses cannot or do not have access.

Costs will also decrease

With the arrival of new buses, the average age of the fleet will also decrease. In addition, cost items due to fuel, maintenance and breakdowns will also decrease significantly.

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