Yozgat Bozok University will recruit academic staff

yozgat bozok university
yozgat bozok university

The following units of Yozgat Bozok University Rectorate will be recruited from the Higher Education Law No. 2547, Regulation on Promotion and Appointment to Faculty Member, the relevant articles of Academic Promotion and Appointment Directive published on the web page of the University and the Faculty member who fulfills the conditions stated in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

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HIGH SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS Associate professor Physical Education and Sports 1 1 To be an associate professor in the field of Sport Sciences and to work on the problem solving skills of the students and the concept of exhaustion of the teachers.
FACULTY OF THEOLOGY Associate professor Arabic Language and
1 1 To be an associate professor in Arabic Language and Rhetoric.
Eng.-Arch. FAKE. Professor Electronics 1 1 Associate Professor in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Science. To have made scientific studies on microcontrollers and PLCs.
Professor Construction and Manufacturing 1 1 To have undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and associate professorship degrees in Mechanical Engineering. To have done scientific studies on fatigue test specimen design, machining and ball forgings on the effect of fatigue strength of steel.
Associate professor Computer Hardware 1 1 To have the title of associate professor in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and to work on genetic algorithms.
Associate professor Geological Engineering 1 1 To have the title of associate professor in Earth Sciences and Engineering (General Geology). Nannofossil and Planktonic Foraminifer Biostratigraphy.
Eng.-Arch. FAKE. Associate professor Restoration 1 1 Associate Professor in the field of Architecture Science. Conservation, re-functionalization, historical environment and restoration and architectural restoration projects.
Associate professor Building Information 1 1 Associate Professor in the field of Architecture Science. To have published on architectural design, physical environmental control and protection.
SARIKAYA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND REHABILITATION Doctor of Faculty Physical therapy and rehabilitation 5 1 Ph.D. in one of the fields of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Anatomy (Medicine), Physiology (Medicine).
FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES Doctor of Faculty Midwifery 3 1 Having completed his PhD in Midwifery Department and carried out studies in related field.
Doctor of Faculty Midwifery 3 1 To have completed his doctorate in Public Health Nursing program and to make studies in related field.
HEALTH SPEED Vocational Doctor of Faculty Elderly care 3 1 Master's and PhD degree in Public Health. To have studied the geriatric population.
SOCIAL SCIENCE Vocational Doctor of Faculty Accounting and Tax
3 1 To work in the fields of internal control and risk management with a PhD in Accounting and Finance.
Doctor of Faculty Business Administration 3 1 Ph.D. in Business Administration and C studies on consumer behavior.
TECHNICAL SCIENCE Vocational Doctor of Faculty Computer Aided Design
and Animation
3 1 Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. To have studies on image processing and deep learning.
FACULTY OF MEDICINE Professor Medical Genetics 1 1 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Medical Genetics specialization training and have completed the Associate Professor in the field of Medical Biology. To have studies in the field of preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
Professor Child Health and Diseases 1 1 To have taken the Associate Professorship in the related field.
Professor Medical Biochemistry 1 1 To be an associate professor in the related field and to work on the biochemical effects of nutritional habits.
Doctor of Faculty * Medical Biology 3 1 Ph.D. in biology and studies on biological and pharmacological properties of new compounds by various in vitro and in vivo methods. The aim of this course is to determine the molecules that can be used in the production of cancer-focused early diagnosis kit by metabolomix and lipidomix methods.
Doctor of Faculty * Child Health and Diseases 3 1 To have received expertise in the related field.
Doctor of Faculty * Internal diseases 3 1 To have a minor in hematology, gastroenterology or nephrology.

Admission Address: For professors and associate professors, applications will be made to the Department of Personnel and related units within the faculty members of the doctor.
* No obligation of compulsory service for more than 3 (three) months.
Application deadlines: 17/12 / 2019-31 / 12/2019 until 17.00:XNUMX on Tuesday

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