Jordan Partial Transport Brand Company

urdun partial transport brand company
urdun partial transport brand company

It is a sector which has a wide range of transportation methods within the international transportation sector. Partial transport services are almost as much demand and demand as complete truck transport in the sector where complete truck transport, truck transportation, heavy non-oversize transport and container transport are available. In our country, there is a significant demand regarding the partial transportation of all products produced and exported as in the complete truck. Partial transport services are available to all countries where complete truck transportation is available. Jordan, which is one of these countries, has seen a lot of demand in terms of partial transportation in recent years, and our company Şah Global Logistics has started regular partial services weekly as a result of examining and evaluating these demands.

By making exits from our warehouses in Istanbul Jordan partial shipping Our company has been carrying out partial transportation works by container transport to and from Istanbul ports to Jordanian ports. In the works carried out by trucks, transportation is provided from the ports of Mersin or İskenderun to the ports of Jordan by means of roro ships, and freight deliveries are provided both in customs and in the form of delivery to the address in Jordan.

Previously serving by road between all tractors used by internal turmoil from the region in recent years occurred in Jordan and Turkey on the grounds of highway safety issues not being used at sea. Jordan shipping companies Şah Global Logistics, which draws attention with its different works, has the knowledge and experience that can lead its colleagues. Our company offers regular and trouble-free partial transportation services with domestic and foreign plate trucks and offers complete and partial transportation services under the guarantee of CMR insurance.

Since its first day in the logistics sector, Şah Global Logistics has been moving forward with its quality service approach focused on customer satisfaction by continuously improving its working area and capacity and advancing confidently towards gaining corporate identity. Our expert staff and experienced operation team are on duty at any time of the day and our company responds to all incoming and partial load requests instantly.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
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