Ulukent OSB Roads are being Renovated

ulukent osb renewing roads
ulukent osb renewing roads

Izbeton, Ulukent Organized Industrial Zone, which is home to the city's important industrial enterprises rolled up their sleeves to renew the roads.

Izbeton, a subsidiary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), is continuing the road renewal works in many points of the city. Izbeton, the building blocks of the local economy in the Ulukent Industrial Zone in Menemen after the infrastructure work carried out by İZSU'un ground improvements and asphalt paving application works began.

Taking into consideration the seasonal conditions, the teams continue their renovation activities on the 7 street in a coordinated manner.

Work started in Seyrek

Izbeton, Menemen Seyrek'i included in the program for road construction work. Izbeton teams working in partnership with İZSU, which continues its infrastructure regulation activities in the region, started the ground preparation operations before the paving at the points delivered to them.


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