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tulomsas uruniyor watching the world
tulomsas uruniyor watching the world

TULOMSAS successfully produces the first steam locomotive, the first Turkish car revolution and the first diesel locomotive. TÜLOMSAŞ has been trying to end its import dependence in the country by creating its own brands with national and local solutions for all kinds of railway towing and towing vehicles and with all its managers in the Rail Systems sector until 2023. is an organization that develops and produces products with national design and sells to the whole world.


ÜL TULOMSAS produced 2015 locomotives in 55 and reached the highest locomotive production performance in its history ”-“ 250 locomotive was repaired and repaired with 4 wagon, 100 diesel generator set, 66 traction engine production, 287 locomotive in TCDD fleet.

The turnover of the company which was 2003 million pounds in 65 was 2015 million pounds in 399 and 12 fold growth was achieved in the last 6 year in terms of sales turnover of the company.

The economic contribution of the manufacturing of TULOMSAS facilities to our country was total 346 million pounds.


TULOMSAS was awarded the first prize in the Enerji Energy Efficiency in Industry Project Competition kapsamında held within the scope of Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair activities held on April 10 on April 11-12 organized by Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. In the category of Energy Efficient Industrial Facility (YES) of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, in the category where approximately 2019 business is registered in the Ministry's database 'Energy Efficiency Portal' and regularly submitting energy consumption information annually, TÜLOMSAŞ's reported. In this context, TÜLOMSAŞ received the first prize in the sektör Manufacture of Other Transport Vehicles ”sub-sector by reducing its energy density by 20 between 2010-2014 in the last three years (2015-2017) compared to Reference Energy density (REY).


It is certain that Hayri AVCI, the General Manager of the Agency, has brought new excitements to the public since his term in office; the reason is something that is not dared to do in a public institution; R & D Center…

The R & D Center has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on 2017. as a success.

The R & D Center gains; TULOMSAS continues its efforts to create its own brand as a global sector player that produces and commercializes information and makes its development sustainable by integrating its power in production with R & D.

Established R & D Center will strengthen TÜLOMSAŞ's competitiveness at the international level as well as innovations in the production of products and production processes, as well as increasing product quality and standard, increasing productivity, lowering production costs and commercialization of technological information. It will provide.


Locomotives are becoming digital with TÜLOMSAŞ…

TÜLOMSAŞ will take its place in Digital World…

2017 was founded in March at the Digital Transformation Office (TÜLOMSAŞ), which was established with the participation of a staff from all departments in order to create corporate culture, information infrastructure and awareness.

Within the Digital Transformation Office, strategy and roadmap studies were conducted to support TÜLOMSAŞ mission and vision. Three projects planned to be realized in the short, medium and long term are presented. Within the scope of the identified projects, the current situation survey, TÜLOMSAŞ digitalization situation and needs analysis were conducted. Various trainings have been given on these issues and on the latest technologies of Industry 4,0. Concrete roadmaps have been prepared for these projects.

making weekly meetings in the office, across the world and Turkey following the developments in this conceptual framework was discussed different aspects. In this respect, the working group has a more visionary perspective by participating in seminars and workshops organized by actors in different sectors.

In February, 2018 cooperated with Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) in order to continue with concrete projects within the framework of a determined strategy and to create a roadmap on this issue.

Within the scope of the projects, stakeholder meetings were held with international companies operating in the sector as well as companies that will contribute to the national and local solutions in the digital transformation process.


TCDD Transportation Co. With the cooperation of TÜLOMSAŞ and Aselsan, Diesel Electric locomotive platform was transformed into Hybrid Maneuver Locomotive with domestic facilities and one prototype production was successfully realized in TÜLOMSAŞ facilities.

With this project, 4 is the first country in the world to design and manufacture a Hybrid Maneuver Locomotive. country. At the same time, TCDD Transportation Inc. will be one of the first train operators in the world to use efficient and environmentally friendly Hybrid Maneuver Locomotives.

With its hybrid technology, the 40 fuel economy will be achieved. The locomotive has a modern exterior style design with strong lines, an ergonomic console design and a wide viewing angle. The Locomotive is also considered an environmentally friendly.


TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (MAM) and Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) full partnership with indigenous technology developed with "E1000 Domestic Electric Locomotive"

TCDD, TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (MAM) and Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) and 18 scientist took part in the project. The national project 18, supported by TUBITAK and in which 4 scientists take part, was completed after years of hard work. Turkey E1000 with national electric locomotives; has become the designer and manufacturer of the draw frame converter, traction control unit, train control and management system, which consists of the components with the highest added value in the rail vehicle sector, which is owned only by developed countries in the world. E1 stands out with its modern driving and 1000 megawatt draw frame system. the technology with the Turkey Project; It can be adapted to many rail vehicles, from light rail vehicles to high speed trains.


Locomotive sector R & D Center studies: First National Electric Locomotive (E1000) with Domestic Draw Frame and Train Control System was produced. With this project, our country has become one of the countries with its own technology in the locomotive sector and is considered as a milestone in the history of the railway. With the gains obtained in the E1000 project;

• Design process and first prototype production of the first locomotive with hybrid technology was realized. 4 with Hybrid technology in the locomotive sector. We're in the country.

• Design and Production of National Diesel Electric Shunting Locomotive (DE10000, DE6000).

• The first National Electric Outline Locomotive (E5000) with TSI Certificate design and production process continues.

• TLMS (TÜLOMSAŞ Locomotive Monitoring System) was developed by TÜLOMSAŞ and started to be used in newly produced locomotives.


Abdullah PEKER, President of UDEM Hak Sen, who stated that TÜLOMSAŞ is an important public institution with its projects, is also a national value. He pointed out that TÜLOMSAŞ, which has the potential to do larger works, should be supported in every subject.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the ways ahead, we will either consume or produce, Abdullah PEKER said that all of us joint effort and goal is to increase the welfare level of our country. Successful work should always be supported. Whoever has done should be appreciated by leaving. He said that there should be no objection or concern for an institution that has successfully completed all the tasks given in the historical process and continued its way by adding new ones to its successes every day.

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