Seçer'den Transportation Fees for Young People with 1 Lira Good News

secerden universitesi young people transportation fees pounds will remain the gospel
secerden universitesi young people transportation fees pounds will remain the gospel

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer met with students studying at Mersin University, Tarsus University, Toros University and Çağ University. Seçer gave the young people the good news that bus fares will remain as 1 lira and that the distribution of free soup will continue in the morning.

Republican People's Party Youth Branch President Emre Yilmaz, the meeting was held at the invitation, Yenisehir Mayor Abdullah Ozyigit also participated. Expressing that youth is the hope of all institutions, all societies, President Seçer said: “When they remain in eloquence and rhetoric, they do not work. But when you apply it, when you use the youth's accumulation, energy and desire in the field where you work, the results can evolve to very good points in a positive sense. ”

Orum I prefer to work with young people ”

Stating that he prefers to work with young people both as a politician and as a mayor, Mayor Seçer said: ister I want you to follow the new cadres of the municipality. I want you to look at the average age of my colleagues who work with me especially in close distance, working with me both in practice and in a physical environment. I prefer young people. I prefer women..

“We attach importance to women's employment”

Emphasizing that they attach importance to women's employment, especially after delivering the parks and gardens and cleaning works to women, Seçer stressed that eyen Whatever happens, we hire everyone with the logic that women's politics will not happen. As long as he wants to work. He needs it sincerely. Kul

“You must follow science”

Matured paying the cost of society, democracy, rights, freedom, president Secor stressed that pays some of the costs to come to that stage of society which respects the law, Turkey's recent history was also noted that this fee and filled with pain. Seçer, “We do not want to pay these costs. You shouldn't have to worry about paying the price. You guys have to work. You must follow science. You have to get the education that will compete with the modern world. You should have equal conditions with your peers at the level of contemporary civilizations as the Great Leader Atatürk said. This is our mission. It may not have been done in the past. But as a politician back höfleyerek, pöfleyerek, 'What do we do dear, we can not say that much' means. We have opportunities. Or we will. We will use the resource in the most rational way. We have to bring to Turkey to this point, "he said.

Tram project received applause from students

In his speech, President Vahap Seçer explained in detail the social projects they have implemented for young people during the monthly period of 8, and added that they will continue to add new points to the morning soup distribution in the places where the students are busy and the city bus will remain as promised to the student as 1 lira.

Vahap Seçer's applause of the 7,7 kilometer tram line project from the junction of the fairground to the Mersin University was welcomed.

Kultur Park's facilities will be open in spring

Mayor Seçer then answered the questions of students on sports, social life, transportation, culture and art activities and traffic.

Vahap Seçer said Bazı Kültür Park is an 8 kilometer long, 400 acre park. Such a park is nowhere in Turkey. Kültür Park is an area where students can socialize. 14 will have facilities such as cafes, exhibition halls, libraries. We haven't had a nail in there in months. There were legal problems. We untied them. In the spring we will use this hintered. We have a beautiful amphitheater there. There are exhibitions, concerts, theater shows. I can say that if there is anything about youth, these projects will be projects that our municipality will prioritize. Larger, more permanent projects will be done in the next few years. ”

Mayor Seçer asked a student the question whether libraries can be built with 7 / 24 open and said, ürüz We will discuss this with the university. We will do it if necessary. Yanıt

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