Business World Moves for Bursa High Speed ​​Line

the business world has also set in motion for the fast train line
the business world has also set in motion for the fast train line

Bursa High Speed ​​Line Business Moves for Him; Actually… President of Balkantürksiad Berat Tunakan with management Bursa to visit the deputies Ankara prepared the program.

So what…

To meet with politicians Ankara'when i went “Bursa's problems and expectations” They also wanted to share their work on.


Bursa'representing parliament in the capital and support for the work and initiatives of MPs while giving the city and the members of the problems of the agenda.

Reveal the 9 matter The problems of Bursa list output.

List ...

Past period Deputy Prime Minister one Chairman of the Human Rights Investigation Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Hakan Çavuşoğlu and again the past period Minister of Interior Efkan Ala 'also participated in the meeting AK Party Bursa deputies gave.


AK Party Bursa MPs Emine Yavuz Gözgeç, Refik Özen, Atilla Ödünç 'The first list of the list of “Accelerating the Bursa High Speed ​​Train and transferring the necessary resources” ranks.


Fan Club 'as businessmen after the organization Balkantürksiad 'in this regard claim revealing, important support for MPs means.

Besides the…

"High-speed train station to Gürsu ” proposer tunakan and management, Completion of Yenişehir-Bilecik highway wanted.


Bring back the removed incentives, KDV 'Specialized Bank established for the solution of the problems of the construction sector Real Estate Bank 'activities in the list members and business was among the expectations.

However Bun

Although it has domestic production, Ürün Imported and European product ” to foreign teachers working in institutions providing foreign language education. 3 times the minimum wage removed from the list business expectations between.

President of Balkantürksiad Berat Tunakan interview Oldu It was very productive for Bursa and our members ” he summed up.

Knock on BTSO's door for high-speed train

At an attempt to train fast Bursa'was also. For years Railway to Bursa actions CHP Bursa former deputy Kemal Demirel, this time President of Railway Lovers Association as Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industrywent to.

BTSO Board Member Aytuğ Onur 'flour BTSO Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur 'u visiting Demirel wanted

"Bursa High Speed ​​Train project should not be affected by saving measures. 2016'da said it will end today. This is not a political work, we want the support of the BTSO. ” (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay)

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