Muratli District of Tekirdag Railway Splitting

tekirdagin muratli district in two bolen railway was laid on the table
tekirdagin muratli district in two bolen railway was laid on the table

Railway, dividing Muratlı district of Tekirdağ into two, was discussed; Passing through the middle of the district of Muratlı district of Tekirdağ in the middle of the railroad around the middle of the fence with the wire fences drawn to the inhabitants of the region is looking for remedy.

“Railway Coordination Meeting” was Held in Muratlı District Governorship Meeting Hall. Muratlı Governor Dr. Headed by İsmail Altan Demirayak; Representatives from Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, Highways 1st District Directorate, TCDD 1st District Directorate and Muratlı Municipality Presidency attended.

As a result of interviews and presentations;

1- Necessary studies are carried out by TCDD Regional Directorate to move the maneuver train area in the center of Muratlı to Seyitler Village or Balabanlı District,

2- Construction of pedestrian overpasses or underpasses on the railway, project work is carried out by Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality,

3- TCDD Regional Directorate to determine the location of pedestrian overpasses and underpasses in Turan District,

4- In order to provide a more comfortable passage of the vehicles through the level crossing on the Muratlı-İnanlı highway, it was decided to carry out the necessary works by the Municipality of Muratlı.

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