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Contact Ali directly

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun's article titled ler Services Making Life Easier From TCDD Ra was published in the December issue of Raillife magazine.


For TCDD, we are leaving behind another year in which we have completed quite intense, active and proud works. The important national and international projects that we launched in 2019 will be known as important milestones to make our organization a worldwide brand.

While planning our future, we focus on R & D activities and strive to produce the best for our railways with innovative approaches. Using national resources in this process is a must.

Railway Research and Technology Center Operations Directorate (DATEM), Kardemir, Karabuk Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc., Karabuk University, Atılım University, TUBITAK in cooperation with an important R & D project we have achieved. Every year before the “Domestic Merchandise Week X celebrated in 12-18 December, the rails that we produce completely locally and whose hardness ratio has been increased by the thermal processes of patented TCDD will extend the wear life of 3 times in narrow curves (bends). The fact that these rails will reduce future rail maintenance costs is a good example of the added value provided by the domestic and national approach.

One of our most important tasks is to make life easier for our disabled citizens who overcome all the difficulties they face. We are launching the Orange Table Service at our 13 station, which will enable disabled passengers to receive assistance before and after travel on “World Day of the Disabled”. Now, disabled people coming to our stations and stations entrust us with bize

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