Selcuk University will hire contracted personnel

selcuk university will make contracted personnel recruitment
selcuk university will make contracted personnel recruitment

From the Rectorate of Selcuk University: Contract published in the Official Gazette dated 657 and numbered 4 attached to the Decree No. 06.06.1978/7 of 15754 to be employed in the Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, according to the paragraph 28.06.2007 (Article B) of the Civil Servants Law No. 26566. According to the paragraph 2 (b) of the additional article in the Principles on the Amendment of the Principles Regarding the Employment of Personnel, a total of 2 (two) contracted personnel will be recruited.



01 Other Health Personnel (Perfusionist) License in perfusion

faculty or

Graduate or other Bachelor's degrees

Upon perfusion in the field

To have a master's degree.

02 Nurse Graduation from Nursing Department of Secondary Education Institutions. 1 * First aid training and documentation.

* Tricell PRP-CGF to be experienced and documented. * To have worked and document at least 2 years in a higher education institution health institution.

NOTE: Service contracts will be made with the candidates and the contracts of candidates who do not meet the conditions specified in the contract will be terminated. Candidates who will apply are required the special conditions mentioned above and the following general conditions stated in Article 657 (paragraph 48, 4, 5, 6 and 7) of the Civil Servants Law No. 8.


1. Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

2. To have completed 18 age as of the application date,

3. Not being deprived of public rights,

4. Turkish Penal Code 53. Even if the periods specified in the article have passed; deliberately

offenses against the security of the state, offenses against the constitutional order and its functioning, offenses against national defense, offenses against state secrets and espionage, embezzlement, bribery, bribery, even if they have been imprisoned or pardoned for a year or more for a crime committed theft, fraud, forgery, misuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, mischief in tender, bankruptcy of the act of mischief, laundering the value of assets resulting from the crime or not to be convicted of smuggling crimes,

5. As of the military status for men; not to be involved in military service, not to be in military age, to have served or postponed active military service if the military age has been postponed or passed to the reserve class,

6. Not having the mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 53,

7. KPSSP94 score for secondary education graduates, KPSSP3 score for undergraduate graduates will be taken as basis.

8. There is no obstacle to appointment as a result of security investigation and / or archive research,

9. The status of the applicants; Article 657/B of the Civil Servants Law No. 4 states, “In case that the contracts of those employed in this way are terminated by their institutions due to their violation of the principles of the service contract, or if they terminate the contract unilaterally within the contract period, excluding the exceptions determined by the Council of Ministers Decision, unless one year has passed from the date of termination. They cannot be employed in contracted personnel positions of institutions.” comply with the provision. (Those who do not comply with this provision kazanEven if they are released, their appointments will not be made.)


1. Graduating from one of the specified levels of education, carrying the required qualifications and documenting.

2. Graduates of Secondary Education and Undergraduate programs have taken 2018 KPSS (B) exam.

3. Not receiving pension or old age pension from any social security institution.

4. Only one title code will be applied for. In case of application for more than one title code, all applications will be considered invalid and will not be evaluated.


Candidates are required to apply within 15 days from the date of publication of this advertisement in the newspaper. (Between 06 / 12 / 2019- 20 / 12 / 2019 on official working days and working hours (08: 00- 17: 00))

1. Copy of birth certificate (birth certificate, ID number, where the Republic of Turkey shall be submitted in the original.)

2. Copy of Diploma and / or copy of graduation certificate. (The originals will also be submitted.)

3. Criminal record. (There will be a Barcode Document received over E-Government.)

4. Document indicating that 2018 KPSS (B) has been taken for secondary and undergraduate graduates. (KPSS result document)

5. Documents proving the required qualifications.

6. SGK Service Schedule (with Barcode) or approved service schedule for employees subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657 in title codes with experience and service requirements.

7. 1 (One) Pictures ( application form to be obtained from our website.

8. Military status certificate for male candidates,

9. Applications will be made in person, and if the candidate is unable to attend, the application will be accepted if the person who has given a notarized power of attorney applies with the original copy of the power of attorney personally.

Selçuk University Faculty of Medicine Hospital fill out the application form to be provided. (Applications made by post will not be accepted.)

Note: 6/6, dated 1978 No. Contracted Personnel Concerning the Principles of Operation "Additional Article 7" According to the article: (Resolution Number: Oct: 15754/7 / 12-3 / 2012) that the application of the Republic of Turkey identity number, address declaration and written declarations regarding military status. It is importantly announced that legal action will be taken against those who give false documents or declarations and those who are not found to meet the conditions stated in our announcement, if their appointments are made, their assignments will be canceled, and if the administration has paid a price to them, it will be reimbursed along with its legal interest.


Right to be appointed at the end of the application kazanlist of moments Our Hospital will be announced on the website. Twice as many alternate candidates will be determined for each cadre. Royal kazanAnnounced Reserves if there is no application for appointment kazanmoments From our hospital web page ( be announced. Since this announcement will be in the nature of a notification, no further notification shall be made.

right to be appointed kazanCandidates must complete the required documents within 15 days from the announcement of the results and submit them personally to the Human Resources Unit of the Selcuk University Medical Faculty Hospital. Candidates who do not complete and submit the documents within this period will lose their rights.

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