ANKARAY Seats in wagons

seat arrangement in ankaray wagons
seat arrangement in ankaray wagons

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO is conducting a two-choice survey in order to maintain the existing dual seats in the ANKARA wagons or to switch to the new row seat system.

While serving over 100 passengers every day in ANKARAY, serving between Dikimevi and AŞTİ, it is planned to move to a row arrangement in order to allow passengers to travel in a more comfortable and spacious environment.


EGO General Directorate, which organizes a questionnaire to get the ideas and suggestions of the citizens of Baskent, has a social media account and üzerindenHow do you think our seats in ANKARAY? ”.

Stating that there was an intensity between 07.00-09.00 in the morning, especially in ANKARAY, which makes a journey in the direction of Kizilay from Dikimevi, EGO officials pointed out that the passengers at Kurtulus and College Stations had difficulty traveling to ANKARAY.


EGO officials emphasized that the row seat arrangement will show a homogeneous distribution in passenger density, which will have many advantages and gave the following information:

“Thanks to the new row seat arrangement, the passenger capacity in each wagon series will increase from 240 to 270. The wagon interior will become more spacious. In particular, the agglomeration of door areas will be avoided. It will be easier for passengers traveling to or from AŞTİ to get on or off the trains. Passengers traveling with their suitcases will also have the opportunity to put their suitcases in the areas on the sides of the doors. As a result of expansion in the door areas, disabled passengers (especially those traveling with wheelchairs) will be able to move more easily during landing and boarding of our vehicles. ”


According to the results of the survey, before the existing seats in the wagons were replaced with row seats, half of the train wagon number A13 was established for the passengers to observe and the new half row arrangement was established in the other half.

Citizens were also allowed to decide by seeing and using the new design on a daily basis.

Yıldırım Beyazıt University Medical Faculty student Beyza Savaş, who is traveling with a new row seat, said, “The existing seats are narrowing the area and it is troublesome to be reciprocal. Seating next to each other will provide a more regular use. Erken Gazi University student Nurullah Demirci said, bir A more comfortable journey is made with a side-by-side seating arrangement. I think it would be more advantageous to save space. When we sat down, our knees didn't fit and we were uncomfortable. More passengers will be able to board with row seating ”. Another passenger traveling with ANKARAY Baki Akdogan said:

“Comparing ANKARAY and Metro, Metro is more comfortable in terms of landing and boarding. Applying a subway-like seating system will provide a more comfortable use. The evaluation of the metropolitan by presenting it to the citizen's opinion through a questionnaire for seating order also gained my appreciation. ”

For Ankaray Seat Survey CLICK HERE

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