Samsun Sivas Railway Line Problems Do Not End

samsun sivas railway line problems do not stop
samsun sivas railway line problems do not stop

Samsun Sivas Railway Line Problems do not end; 88 annual Samsun-Sivas Thick railway line, 4 years ago, the modernization work started still could not be reached. According to the data in the Audit Report of the Court of Auditors of the Year 2018, it was stated that the country suffered a loss of € 72 million due to a two-year delay. On the other hand, although the railway regulation states that “level crossing günlük cannot be made on roads with daily vehicle crossing capacity of more than 30, the regulation was not taken into consideration by making a level crossing on the boulevard where more than 70 vehicles pass per day.

CumhuriyetAccording to Cemil Ciğerim'in news; The “modernization ındaki of the 21 kilometer Samsun-Sivas Kalın railway line, which was initiated by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first leader of the 1924 September 1931, was completed in 378. Within the scope of the project initiated with the support of EU grants, railway line 4 was closed in September 29. According to the partnership agreement signed with the EU, 2015 ended in December and after the 2017 annual test drive, the 1 railway line, which should be opened for transportation, did not even start trial. Denetim The country suffered a loss of 2018 million euros due to delays in the railway line, X the SAI audit report said. The report also stated that yer all of the interim payments related to the project were covered by the central government budget in the year 2018 due to this delay in the project ”.


There was another development on the railway line, which was announced to start trial runs this month. According to the regulation on the construction and operation of level crossing, it is stated that günlük level crossing cannot be made a on roads with daily vehicle crossing capacity over 30 thousand, while the daily crossing is on the Kılıçdede Junction level crossing, the regulation was not taken into consideration. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Samsun-Sivas Railway line İlkadım district Atatürk Boulevard Kılıçdede Junction crossing the railway crossing will lead to major blockages in urban traffic, TCDD 70. 4 sent a letter to the Regional Directorate in December. In the article, the opening of the gate, the road traffic as the most optimistic 2 minutes, 2-3 minutes in the normal scenario, the number of trains and wagons increase if the number of 4-6 minutes will be cut, it was emphasized that this delay will affect many streets of the city. In the paper, the solution, "Multi-level intersection (under or overpass) to ensure uninterrupted passage, shopping centers and small industrial sites to ensure the traffic circulation will not be prevented to provide a multi-level (upper or lower pass) system," said the application. .


On the other hand, even the test drive is planned to start, even last week, the city walls were demolished during the transition of the protection. 10 separate place in the city of Samsun forgotten rain canal in the project, the protection walls to eliminate the lack of demolition, rain channel work is done. The walls were demolished and the rainwater channel and drainage application was made during the study, the signaling lines of the line were also broken.



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