Samsun Governorship Green Flash Description

samsun governor's green flash statement
samsun governor's green flash statement

Samsun Governorship Green Flash Description; Provincial governor of Samsun signaling systems, vehicles were made about the application of green flash. Description; ”The“ Vienna Convention ”road signs and signals agreement, which our country is a party to, does not have a green flash application either in its original version or in its last revised version.

However, as a result of this practice, which was carried out in our country outside the convention;

* Increased number of rear-crash accidents,

* Reduction in green time usage due to tendency not to pass,

* Difficulty predicting whether or not the vehicle ahead can stop,

* Encourage to increase speed in intersection approach

It has been found that typical driver behavior such as.

19-22 Regarding the subject, during the 2019 February Traffic Chief Engineers Meeting; In order to remove the green light flash application to the vehicles necessary revisions have been made and this application has been terminated.

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