Samsun Governorship Green Flash Description

samsun governor's green flash statement
samsun governor's green flash statement

Green Flash Statement from Samsun Governorship; A statement was made about the application of green flash to vehicles in signalization systems by the Governorship of Samsun. Description; “The contract of the“ Vienna Convention ”road signs and signals, which our country is a party to, does not have a green flash application in both the original and the latest revision.

However, as a result of this practice, which was carried out in our country outside the convention;

* Increased number of rear-crash accidents,

* Reduction in green time usage due to tendency not to pass,

* Difficulty predicting whether or not the vehicle ahead can stop,

* Encourage to increase speed in intersection approach

It has been found that typical driver behavior such as.

In the Traffic Safety Chief Engineers Meeting held between February 19-22, 2019; It was decided to revise this application by making the necessary revisions to remove the green light flash application to the vehicles, and “Green Flash Application” was removed by the relevant institutions in our province in line with the above-mentioned issues. ”

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