Sakarya Light Rail Routes Disappointed at Yenikent

Sakarya light rail system frustrated Yenikent created disappointment
Sakarya light rail system frustrated Yenikent created disappointment

Sakarya Light Rail Routes Disappointed at Yenikent; Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce described the light rail system route by the absence of Yenikent upset the mukhtars in the region. Mukhtars described the lack of Yenikent District as a disappointment in the light rail system

Mayor of Sakarya Ekrem Yüce, the radio program that he participated last week announced that they set two routes for the light rail system. Gar-SATSO and Gar-Campus, Yenikent's rail system route is noteworthy. The headmen of the region said it was disappointing that there was no Yenikent on the route.


Yunus Özçelik, Headman of 15 July Camili Neighborhood, stated that the light rail system to the region was processed in 2001. “The first maps produced by the Provincial Directorate of Public Works after the earthquake had a rail system in the region. The President's explanation of these routes surprised me and my neighborhood. This region needs more rail. Çok


Cevdet Koçak, the headman of Korucuk Neighborhood, stated that there are more than 1000 people in the region and said, ası The frustration was frustrating for us. It's a pity he's not here.. Mustafa Çalık, the headman of the Karaman neighborhood, stated that they wanted the light rail system to pass through its neighborhoods and asked for a re-determination of the route. (Sakarya Yenihaber)

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