Global giants of the railway are coming to Eskisehir

railway giants coming to Eskisehir
railway giants coming to Eskisehir

Global giants of the railway are coming to Eskisehir; Organized by Modem Fuarcılık with the support of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Rail Industry Show Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Exhibition will bring together the total number of 500 billion euro turnover railway players in the global market with the local industrialists in Eskişehir.

The countdown has begun for the Rail Industry Show, Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fair, which aims to bring together the public and private sector representatives of the international railway industry. 14-16 is organized with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in April 2020 with the organization of Modern Fairs. Eskişehir Governorship, TCDD Transportation Inc., Ankara Chamber of Industry; Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir OSB, TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers Eskişehir Branch, DTD Railway Transport Association, and Rail Systems Association are among the institutions that support the event.

15 100 domestic and foreign companies from the country, 3 will be held with the participation of more than a thousand visitors, the fair will be the basis for the establishment of new business contacts and the development of existing relations. The leading players of the sector with a global market share of 500 billion euros will take part in the fair. Turkey and the world of infrastructure, superstructure, technology, safety, electrification, signaling and IT firms will be light rail system manufacturers, as well as Rail Industry Show in communication.

Projects will meet financiers One day before the fair, 13 will host a conference of railway investors and project owners in April. Projects, financing models and sources will be discussed within the scope of the conference. The conference will include banks, fund managers, local and foreign government representatives, local governments, project consulting, insurance and legal companies. According to the request, one-to-one meetings for co-operation will also be organized. Following the conference, a separate seminar will be held concurrently with the fair where specific topics of the sector will be discussed.

Technology, academic and Industry 4.0 topics will be discussed by experts during the conferences to be held during the fair. development of railways in Turkey, among the issues to be evaluated and 2023 target needs to be done, be prepared for the municipalities covered by a separate panel Subway investments.

Home base Eskisehir

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Metin Güler stated that the fair is of great importance for Eskişehir. The Ministry of Development provided us with the greatest support for an Anatolian city. Contributing to the lobbying power of railway, aviation and ceramic clusters is one of the most important targets of the fair industry to be formed in Eskişehir. The contractor who led our country into a modern industry and sub-industries, regulation of trade Eskişehir'deyken single point of intersection of the railways in Turkey so naturally our province. "

The region is strategically important

Moris Revah, General Manager of Modern Fairs, stated that they aim to do a great job with the Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fairs. Revah said, kapsamında Within the scope of this important organization, not only fairs, but also conferences and different events will be held simultaneously. In particular, the day before the fair opens, we are organizing a very serious conference with experts in the field of railway finance. Financiers, who are at the beginning of the money on railways on a global scale, will come to our country. These people will be able to communicate directly with the companies after the conference. ”

Stressing that the most important criterion for a country's development is the railway network, Revah said: “The rail system not only relieves road traffic but also a more efficient transport model. You can load a maximum of 25 tons into a TIR, but it is only possible to load 60 tons into a wagon. When the 50 wagon is on the train, the account is obvious. In addition, rail transport is cheaper than 60 by sea and 80 by road. Dünya (World)

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