People of Kars Are Not Satisfied with Public Transportation

public is not satisfied with public transport
public is not satisfied with public transport

570 percent of the 61,4 thousand people surveyed are not satisfied with public transport. In relation to the public transportation in the city, which has been a major inconvenience for the citizens from past to this time; We share the results of the research report prepared by the public in order to reach the general situation in the professional framework and to reach a solution together.

In the context of the survey commissioned by the Kars Municipality, a face-to-face survey was conducted with a total of 570 people in Kars. Work carried out by the company, for more than 20 years all urban transport in Turkey is conducting activities as an expert in the field of trafficking.

In the survey study, 93 percent of Kars people use public transport and 6,7 percent of public transport does not use. 95,7 percent of the people who want to survey the bicycle path.

570 percent of the 61,4 thousand people surveyed are not satisfied with public transport. While the majority of citizens were not satisfied with the accessibility of the routes, it turned out that citizens using public transport were also uncomfortable with waiting times.

While 51 percent of the citizens who prefer public transportation are not satisfied with the drivers, 63,7 percent of the citizens do not trust the drivers.

Ukuki Legal determinations ”

  • According to the data obtained from the administration, it is seen that all public transportation vehicles operating in the city have expired and there are no legally entitled operators.
  • The decisions of the Municipal Assembly dated 03.04.2007, numbered 44 and dated 04.08.2008 and numbered 106 were canceled by the decision of the Municipal Assembly dated 02.03.2011 March, no. However, it has been seen that the operators did not initiate the legal process that objected to these decisions.
  • Information on a significant portion of the 96 vehicles currently operating (municipal council decisions, tender records, etc.) could not be accessed.

Tespit System determinations ”

Currently, the number of passengers carried in the city is 30 thousand 617'dir. The daily distance of the vehicles is 12 thousand 468 km. The number of routes is 15. Public transportation service; 15 liter midibuses with the capacity of 21 + 25 passengers on the Science and Literature Line, 8 public midbuses with the capacity of 19 + 21 passengers on the Prime Ministry Mass Housing Line and 15 pcs on the Harakani State Hospital Line with 8 Minibus with 23 passenger capacity. 14 minibuses with 1 + 19 passenger capacity in Paşaçayır-Industrial Line 14 October Digor Yolu 1 minibuses with 30 + 12 passenger capacity in TOKİ Line, 14 minibuses with 1 + 7 passenger capacity in Bülbül Neighborhood Line (Not working.) 14 pc with 1 + 1 passenger in Atatürk Neighborhood Line capacity minibus (not working.) 14 m 1 municipal buses, including a total of 8 vehicles with public transportation service.

“The most important journey attraction and production centers of the city”

University, State Hospital, City Center, TOKI Housing and KYK dormitories. All lines are city centered. It connects different regions to the city center. Due to the structure of the lines, the public is forced to transfer journey (for example, from the Prime Ministry Mass Housing to the university, from Digor Road TOKİ housing to the university and hospital, from Atatürk and Bülbül neighborhoods to the hospital, from the university and dormitories to the bus station. There is no electronic toll collection system in vehicles, stop points are undefined and inadequate, there are no closed stops Operators only serve as cooperative in Harakani State Hospital Line No other legal entity has been encountered in other lines.

Faikbey and Kazım Karabekir Streets are the most important transportation axes of the city. As you go from the city center to the wall, the quality of the pavement deteriorates and it is an undesirable situation for public transportation. Some lines make ring flights. This causes irregular times. There is not enough public transportation service to the neighborhoods around the city center. Existing routes and number of trips are not enough for the city.

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