President Soyer Announces 2019 with Public Transportation

president soyer announces the year by public transport
president soyer announces the year by public transport

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer started the last day of the year with public transportation. Soyer gave the flowers and plaque to the 18 millionth passenger on board the ferry and the 1 millionth driver using the ferry.

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer started the last day of 2019 at Konak Ferry Port. President Soyer, 08.35'te departing from the pier to board the Konak-Bostanlı 18 millionth passenger Esma Kocak'a surprise. Soyer presented flowers and plaques to Koçak, and conveyed his new year wishes to both him and all the passengers on the pier.

1881 President Soyer passed by Bostanlı to Atatürk and received information from the ship's captain Kamile Koç. Soyer emphasized that he was happy to meet a female captain and said, “I say 'inspiring women' to such successful women. Their number must increase. We will do our best for this. ” Soyer, who also signed the ship's logbook, wrote in the book, “I wish Kamile Kaptan would be the pioneer of more female captains working in Izmir”.

Sea taxi and small ships

Mayor Soyer also made a brief meeting with IZDENIZ management and pointed out that it is costly to run a large ship during the hours when the number of passengers is low. Soyer said, “Let's buy 40-50 people mini-ships. Don't waste time when people come to the piers in the middle of the day. Let them use sea transport quickly with these vehicles. ” İZDENİZ General Manager İlyas Murtezaoğlu said that they will work on this subject and that they are working on “sea taxis”.

Soyer on Bostanlı Ferry Dock Karşıyaka Mayor Cemil Tugay welcomed. Mayor Soyer gave flowers and plaques to the 1 millionth driver who came to the ferry port to Üçkuyular. wishes him good luck for the new year. Vedat Kurşunlu driver and his wife Asuman Kurşunlu, who lived a big surprise, thanked Mayor Soyer with the same wishes.

Then by tram Karşıyaka Soyer went to the pier and walked to the market and went to IZBAN to Halkapinar. Passing the subway station, the President went to Konak, where the metropolitan municipality building is located by metro.

Democracy for the country, peace for the nation

Expressing that on the last day of 2019, he wanted to both try public transportation and communicate face-to-face with the people of Izmir, Mayor Soyer said, “I love and care about communicating directly with our fellow countrymen. I am learning a lot from them. To ensure that the elements of public transportation are compatible and comfortable with each other, kazanwe aim to rise; we are working for it. First of all, I wish health, happiness, peace, abundance and blessings to all Izmir residents and our nation in the New Year. I hope that it will open a window to a period in which law, justice, democracy and reason prevail for our country," he said.

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