President Erdoğan Gives History for Channel İstanbul

IMM's Explanation on Kanal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol
IMM's Explanation on Kanal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol

President Erdoğan was the guest of the “Agenda Special” program. Answering those who are curious about the Channel Istanbul project in the program, Erdoğan said, ası No matter where you look at the completion of the project, it will take at least 6-7 years ”.

In A Haber, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the guest of “Gündem Özel” program, answered questions about the Kanal İstanbul project. Erdoğan stated that when the Channel Istanbul Project was launched, they examined all the channels in the world and said, “The Bosphorus is a line for us that we cannot even exercise our legal rights. Can we have a problem in the Bosphorus at any moment? From time to time, the mansions hit the big tankers, ships. We need to get the Strait out of this. Let's build a channel so that this channel will save us from many troubles, and add a new beauty to our Istanbul. Make it an environmental channel. Beyond being an environmentalist channel, this is a channel that is under our control. Let us not have anything binding on us. This beauty will add a different wealth to our Istanbul. That's why we took this step, and now it bothers someone seriously. Why bother? Because they don't even have planted trees in this country. They can not stand when such beauties. Dayan

Erdoğan emphasized that they will build Kanal İstanbul and said, “We have found customers with build-operate-transfer, otherwise we will do this with our national budget. Now, preparations are in the final stage, we will make the tender and take the step. There are negotiations with different countries will take steps according to him. It takes at least 6-7 years, but it has a very exceptional beauty with everything. 22 kilometers will connect the Black Sea to the Marmara. Of course, there are many things that shorten the beauty. Kul

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